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Remember, We are all Human Here

Remember, We are all Human Here

One of the things most responsible for the current human predicament is a loss of self. People have simply forgotten who, or perhaps more correctly what, they truly are.  People simply don't seem to realise that all those who presume to control them via the machinations of Government are all simply people, exactly as they themselves are people. It is this loss of self that has, to a large extent, led to the current human condition. It is due to people’s failure to view things from this more human perspective that has allowed others (whom they have been trained to view as having more value than themselves) to control and ultimately enslave them. And it is only in breaking this programmed and constraining mind-set that mankind will ever truly gain the freedom many so desire. 


The programming to which mankind has been subject, has truly been intense. It comes from all angles and there are none that are completely immune to its influence simply due to their everyday interaction with society. It is present in the lives of most people from the moment of birth, simply because it is already present in the minds of our parents due to the conditioning they have in turn undergone during their own path through life. And it gets more refined and more dehumanizing not only with each generation, but virtually each year, as more and more changes are introduced into the education system, into the workplace, and delivered into the minds of the populace via the media.


The real problem with the education system today is that most people, most parents at least, simply don't look at it. They just don't bother to take the time to look at what their kids are being taught or how the lessons are being presented. The introduction of political correctness into academia, whereby "all are equal in the eyes of education," where there are no failing grades and everyone is a winner, essentially means that bright students are 'normalized', no one excels and the collective mind of the youth is effectively homogenized. Taught always to view themselves as part of a collective, to be fearful of any change, to view independent thought as irrational and abnormal, even potentially dangerous, to always seek help from the nanny state to address any concerns and to always respect authority, this serves to create a very easily controlled society in which all critical or creative thinking has been very effectively stifled.


This type of attitude and completely programmed dependence on the nanny state can in fact, be clearly seen in the minds of many British youth who are so fearful of the recent result in Britain's vote to leave the EU. Many are "blaming" the older generation for being so "irresponsible" as to create such an "uncertain future" for them simply because they know of no other life prior to Britain becoming part of the EU and are so willing to believe the drivel and government propaganda delivered to them by the controlled mainstream media. Many of today's youth view the nanny state as being all important, and the bigger the nanny then the more safe they believe they will be. Naturally, as with virtually every thought placed in the minds of the people by the state, such a notion is no far reversed to the actual truth as to belong to the realms of pure fantasy.


Really, when one begins to examine our modern society and the great many problems it creates, with even a partially open mind it becomes apparent that it is the state itself that is responsible for virtually every issue the people on this earth are facing, and yet it is the state that people turn to when seeking solutions to these issues. They do this simply because they know of nowhere else to turn and again, this is ultimately due to a loss of connection to self. A lack of understanding and recognition of who and what they truly are.


In regards to humanity and how it is that people view themselves in relation to the social 'food chain', many view themselves and their peers as 'average human beings', yet their training and programming  causes them to view other classes almost as a different breed of more worthy or valuable human beings. It is a social class system that has been cleverly instilled into people's minds which has nothing really to do with social standing, wealth or upbringing but is more to do with trust and where and in whom, such trust should be placed. Those of higher academic achievements for example, are often seen as being wholly trustworthy. Look at the faith people place in so called 'experts', in scientists, professors and others of perceived authority on a particular subject. Simply by default, most people place an enormous amount of faith and trust in doctors and modern medicine for example. Yet there have been subtle changes in the way modern medical practitioners treat their patients.


I recall that throughout my childhood years, a visit to the doctor would require a personalized diagnosis. The doctor would thoroughly examine the patient, sometimes refer to detailed texts, often run blood tests, and generally poke around the lymph and glandular system for physical symptoms and anomalies. Yet last time I visited a doctor, and such occasions are extremely rare for me, the physician simply typed my symptoms into his computer and allowed the software to diagnose me and prescribe me with a suitable medication. Does this seem rational to you? Does this sound like the reasonable result of years of studying to become a medical practitioner? Is one simply expected to believe the practitioner is able to use a computer better than someone else and that skills is to what he owes his position? And more importantly, does this method sound like something you should trust? Does it indicate the person you are dealing with to be of an upstanding and trustworthy character? Personally, I found the procedure both fascinating and quietly discomforting at the same time.


The same can be said for the scientific and academic communities. Many view such people as having far more value than the average Joe. Often the scientists themselves adopt a superior attitude by default, and genuinely do view themselves as having more worth than others. Rather than enter into any reasoned debate, are quite happy to brandish their credentials to quieten any disputes to their authority. It is this type of social programming that has led to the disempowerment of so many. This is also very much exemplified in our approach to politicians. We tend to treat these people very much as our superiors when they are in fact our employees. Yet in what can only be compared to some type of collective Stockholm syndrome, we fawn and pander to them, we exalt and praise them and we ask and petition them for change rather than simply looking at things from the correct perspective and simply instructing them to carry out the tasks and duties we require of them.


What is needed is to put a little humanity back into the equation.


Let's just openly face it, we are subject to lies and propaganda and basically spoon fed an endless supply of crap from every conceivable angle. Be it contrived and constructed news about daily 'terrorist attacks' (that somehow seem to more and more frequently lack the presence of any confirmable victims); be it the environmental concerns we face from an ever growing corporate rampage across the earth that is fast destroying any means of a viable future in order to feed the economic model in its wanton demand for permanent growth; be it the latest reasons why we must continue funding war and bombing children in the middle east. We are fed all this mayhem and woe on a daily basis and all is designed to instil into the minds of the people that we desperately need government to ensure our safety when the real truth is that it is the government who creates all the problems, simply to insure their position of control.


It's a classic protection racket.


The people really could deal with things quite easily if they simply cut off the life blood to the system and began supporting each other. The problem is that such a thing will not occur to any meaningful degree until people realize their own worth and begin to see the worth in others around them in their local communities. When such a thing happens we will begin to see some real change. But it will not occur at all until people put down their fear, step into their humanity and choose to get involved. And the first step is to step away from the social conditioning. To realize that regardless of education or perceived professional standing and the implied trust that comes with it, all living beings have equal standing and value. Everyone.


You don't need to ask politicians for permission to live your life. You don't need to believe you must obey a so called law that claims you cannot collect rain water. You don't need to obey the dictates of a legal system that has been designed to place life as being subservient to economics. You don't need to believe that a law that does not apply to the politicians can somehow apply to you.


And therein lies the problem.


Our politicians and governments have way overstepped the mark and it is high time they were called out and held accountable for their actions, regardless of the office they hold. And if politicians are not to be prosecuted for their crimes and deceit; if the law is not to be applied to them as it would be applied to anyone else, then the stark reality is that there IS no law and no real and just society, but rather a slavery system, whereby one set of rules apply to those who create the rules, and another to the people.


When looked at under those parameters. There IS no law.


It is truly time for mankind to stand up to address the situation we now find ourselves in. It is time to face the uncomfortable reality that most of our trust has been very much misplaced and that this is not the result of a collective mistake, but rather the result of a carefully crafted plan to disempower and fool mankind into handing the keys to their freedom and to their very lives to others who simply do not have their best interests at heart


It is time we reclaimed our Earth.


There are a great many people who can see the reality of the human dilemma now and many who are waiting for the call. All it will take to start bringing some real change is for people to now apply their knowledge to their community. Ask questions, share information and lead by example in all that you do. Inspire and empower all those you come into contact with and know that with every soul you reach, every heart you touch and every smile you inspire, you are making a difference, sparking a light and inspiring change in others.


In Lak'ech


Max Igan





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  • You are à fucking genius
    12/9/2016 8:46:12 PM Reply
  • Dear Max, This is a prime example of the modern mechanisms of slavery that are being used from multiple angles socially in the "civilised" society. Which is further enforced by the monetary system - to promote the class divide on a wider scale. I can't help but weep when I see how divided and dis-empowered the modern human being is. The people of today walk around blindly believing themselves to be free from slavery, when the shackles have gradually been tightened with each passing year as new legislation is passed, as well as mounting debts continue to oppress the working class citizen. Those who attempt to live in a free way, cleanly by disconnecting from the grid are ostracised by their peers who are deeply brainwashed, as well as tormented by rigmarole of legal boundaries to ensure true freedom is never fully realised. I have been for the last year - spending time enlightening those I'm connected with as to the impact of the current social conditioning and it's damaging effects on the well being of the people. I am working on a concept that will empower, and re-organise our brothers and sisters to a state of unity, freedom and peace.
    7/22/2016 11:40:37 AM Reply

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