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My Spiritual Awakening Chapter 2

My Spiritual Awakening Chapter 2

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Continuing on from Chapter 1...

The realness of projecting my consciousness out of my body almost had me fooled, for a second I believed that I had stood up with my physical body. That is until my right shoulder suddenly jerked forward and I saw an overly tall black man wearing a loin cloth run passed me into my room, then directly through a solid brick wall leaving no trace!!


Without a second thought I knew what I had to do; I ran towards my closed bedroom window at full speed... If I was out of body then I would phase through and end up outside my flat. On the other hand if I was as physically present as I felt - then I would smash through the wooden blinds, breaking the windows and plummet head first from the second floor into a world of hurt.


I felt the blinds and coolness of the double glazed glass against my face, and my body effortlessly phased through it as easily as the wind blows through the trees. However my lack of experience and my excitement thrust me further than the front garden of my flats. Instead I found myself in the heart of central London.


It was early in the morning and lots of people were rushing around - headed to work. The air felt dense, despite my appearance no one paid any notice to me walking around barefoot, topless in my pyjama bottoms. I saw two police officers standing outside a shop door, they seemed to be stopping people entering; I walked up to them waving in their faces and shouting "hello" they couldn't hear nor see me. I walked passed them and into the shop, but nothing interesting was going on.


As I walked back out of the shop I began to wonder how I would get back to my physical body, as soon as I thought about it I was instantly pulled back, a strong feeling of inertia much like being on a roller coaster - then a sudden jolt! I opened my eyes, feeling completely alert and well adjusted, unlike when awaking from normal sleep. My body tingled slightly but the excitement prevented me from exiting once again.


I was completely enthralled by what had just happened. I couldn't wait to get back out and start experimenting. I found it interesting that returning to my physical body - though felt natural - it felt as if this physical world I had lived my entire life in, was now the "dream". The feeling of being here, even as I type this - does not feel anywhere near as real as it does when I'm 'out of body'.


Despite the overwhelming realness of what I had just experienced, the scientific mind with which I often view the world still needed convincing; how could I be sure that what I had seen was real and not just a highly vivid dream. I needed evidence, otherwise I was just wasting my time.


I decided to setup some simple experiments; I would project to a family member’s house and witness who was there and what was going on – that way I could easily confirm whatever I saw/heard in the real world.


I continued doing my daily and nightly guided meditations for projection combined with the wake back to bed method. My success rate for going out of body had reached about 50% from day to day. I floated out of body and into my living room. I thought about my relative’s house and instantly found myself outside. I decided to fly up to the first floor and phased through the window; I immediately encountered two of my relatives – one of which does not live at this house but was clearly visiting. Neither of them could see me. They were discussing something specific that I cannot elaborate upon, nor will I mention the names of the relatives in question – this is to protect their privacy and dignity, I’m sure you understand where I am coming from with this. I took note of what I heard and decided to check on the rest of the house and who was around.


With my task complete, I thought about my physical body and found myself back from my travels, feeling fresh. I immediately messaged one of the relatives who lives at the house I had visited and they confirmed the presence of the relative who was visiting at the time. I then spoke to my mother regarding the details of what I had heard as this information was quite specific I could not openly ask the relatives who were discussing it. To my amazement my mother confirmed that the information I had procured was 100% accurate.


With this experiment successfully complete, I was even more consumed and couldn’t wait to project again.


I had read that the spirits of the dead often linger close to the physical plane – in what is referred to as the Etheric plane. I remembered my old house, which I would often hear unexplained noises at all times of the day – back then I would ignore it because I was afraid and felt that any attention to the noises would only rile up whatever was hiding in the shadows. I was about 9 years old then.


I easily projected and thought about my old house which was in the next town, I found myself standing outside the front door, I walked straight in and was greeted by an elderly woman with glasses who was dressed in 1960s style. I could feel her energy – she wasn’t a dreamer nor was she consciously projected like I was, in fact she wasn’t attached to a physical body! She was dead! The feeling overwhelmed me and I freaked out, I pushed her out of the way and ran toward the front door as fast as I could.


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  • Could you please tell me what guided meditaion to astral projection are more efficient? Thank you.Namaste
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  • Totally epic story dude! Will read the rest later this eve. You have to post step by step how to guide for the noobies like me.
    2/1/2016 2:46:05 PM Reply

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