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My Spiritual Awakening Chapter 3

My Spiritual Awakening Chapter 3

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The old woman gave chase screaming in a cockney accent “wait! It’s been a long time since I had a visitor, at least have some tea!” I made it out of the house before she could catch up to me. She seemed to be trapped and couldn’t go beyond the doorway. My racing emotions lead me straight back to my body. Thinking about it afterwards I wished I hadn’t overacted and ran away, perhaps I could have helped her in some way.


After discussing my recent out of body adventures on Conscious Explorers and similar groups – I was told that whenever we dreamed; we were unconsciously projecting out of body and that our dreams took place on various planes – most commonly the astral plane. This meant that if I were consciously projecting out of body I could interact with someone who was sound asleep! At the time I found it hard to believe, so I decided to setup another experiment…


I would project out of body and into the dreams of someone I knew. At this point in my journey none of my friends or family knew about what I was doing, and I wasn’t ready to divulge my secret. I was told it was much easier to project into the dreams of people I knew well due to the shared emotional bonds. I had to think this through carefully…


How would I select a suitable and willing subject for this experiment? Most of my family were afraid of anything supernatural and a few of my friends were religious, while the others nonbelievers in anything! Another important realisation is that most people don’t remember their dreams – so how could I prove the experiment had succeeded if the participant could not remember their dream?


Finally after much thought, I decided that I would project into the dream of someone I had known well in the recent past but had fallen out of regular contact with. I decided that I would ask them to give me the name of who they were romantically involved with at the time. I could then verify this quite easily in physical life – that way I wouldn’t need their voluntary participation or reveal what I was doing. For the purposes of privacy I’ve decided to call this person ‘Bobby’


I went to bed early to ensure I would wake up early to begin my experiment. The excitement of what was to be, made it difficult to fall asleep. I decided to do a series of breathing exercises followed by energy body work and finished with a light meditation that eased me into unconscious sleep. I woke up automatically at the designated time – this had become an instinctual habit whenever I set my intention for projection.


I woke up, drank some water and immediately settled back into bed. I put my head phones on to listen to binaural beats to speed up the onset of sleep paralysis (which can take up to an hour sometimes longer – 5-15 mins with the Binaural beats) – as soon as I felt the tingling and sinking feeling begin, I totally relaxed my mind and let it take me – the usual roaring sounds echoed in my ears as loud as a thousand rocket ships blasting off.


I rolled out of bed landing gently on the carpet. Visibility was poor as was often the case in those days; the further I got away from my body everything would improve and become more ‘stable’. I phased out of my living room window and floated down to the ground. My neighbour’s cat saw me and ran away. I guess it’s true that animals can see spirits.


I thought about the person whose dreams I was about to go into and instinctively knew what to do as if knowledge had been granted to me from a higher source of consciousness… My higher self perhaps? I used my hands, thrusting them in front of me together, fingers overlapping – then I spread my fingers and arms apart, a purple orb grew in size and revealed a portal. I walked into it and immediately saw Bobby – who appeared as a child (this person is an adult in physical life) sitting on a bed in a gloomy house mostly filled with darkness and turbulent emotions.


I spoke to Bobby, who seemed almost drunk – not clear and concise as in waking life. I asked Bobby for the information, however no sooner had I got what I came for – a voice from within and at the same time from outside of me said “If you’re done clowning around, there’s work to be done!”. A portal immediately opened up which had the same appearance and ‘feeling’ as the one I had opened to get here. I hesitantly stepped through it and found myself at the house of someone I know. There I saw an old man hanging around the family. I could feel his energy, he had long been dead. I knew I had been brought before him for a reason and thanks to the old lady I could face him with no fear in my heart.


I asked him who he was and why he was hanging around. He already knew who I was and told me he was a great grandfather of the family, he couldn’t move on because he had forgotten his wife’s birthday. “She’ll never forgive me if I don’t remember! Do you know when it is? Can you ask the family? They can’t seem to hear me, so I’m waiting for them to say it one day so I can wish her happy birthday.” I was truly saddened that something so simple could have prevented this old gentleman from moving on. I didn’t know the answers, so to reassure him I told him I would try to find out for him when I visited them next.


I realised after I got back that he had imprisoned himself through his own beliefs just as the old lady in my old house had in another way. Even as I type this, I’m overcome with empathy. Truly the mind is powerful; even more so in death.


I wanted to help this great grandfather, however the family in question were all Catholics and my relationship with them wasn’t strong enough for me to step forward with this information in a straightforward way. Several weeks later I happened to visit them; I told one of the members that I had a dream about his Great Grandfather and asked if he had any pictures to see if I could compare. The family member only had pictures of his own Grandparents and didn’t have much information on them as they had been long dead.


Getting back to my original experiment to prove if dreams were connected to out of body travel… not long after I returned to my physical body, I confirmed that the information I gained from Bobby who was assumed to be sound asleep at the time – was 100% accurate. I didn’t speak to Bobby directly, instead I was a very naughty boy and checked Bobby’s Facebook – that provided me with plenty evidence to back up what I had been told by Bobby on the Astral Plane.


Though I had gathered enough evidence to prove that conscious projection was more than a day dream, I wasn’t satisfied. I was inspired by my latest journey to conduct an even bigger experiment;


I would project into someone’s dreams on the other side of the world and see if I could influence that person enough to remember their dreams and perhaps even more…


I will continue the story in Chapter 4. Thanks for reading... Until next time…


Stay positive, stay healthy, live with passion and compassion.


Your brother, Eye-Zen


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  • Andre Im hooked, what a gripping three chapters. Such a powerful experience than you for sharing. I can't wait for chapter four!
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    3/28/2016 11:12:13 AM Reply
  • Hi Andre, Another gripping instalment :) I'm really enjoying these. I wonder if you could share some of the breathing exercises and energy work that you do to prepare yourself for astral projection? I've had some initial success at projecting but this is something I would like to practice more.
    2/17/2016 4:51:48 PM Reply
    • @Lara Murray: The article on Astral Projection is coming soon Lara :-) I've been a bit tied up with physical life - hence the delayed completion of chapter 4 and many other things I'm determined to write about. I just finished an article on Lucid dreaming which is about to go live.
      3/1/2016 1:23:15 AM Reply
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