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Awaken Among the Sleeping Sheep

Awaken Among the Sleeping Sheep

Once you start awakening, it’s impossible to go back to sleep and it can be painful to walk beside those sleeping, zombie-like sheep who their biggest worry is being ‘right’ and paying bills. Don’t get me wrong I do understand it, that was me some time ago and I’m still a member of the community. But once you start being aware, more conscious; you can’t help feeling sick of what we humans are capable of.

We live worried sick about paying bills and half of those things we don’t even need. Our jobs are basically designed so someone else can enjoy getting all the profits while we get almost next to nothing compared to them. We spend most of our days in our jobs or stuck in traffic trying to get there.  I read a quote that has stuck with me for quite some time… “We are not born just to pay bills and die” and I couldn’t agree more.

All living beings have a mission on this planet and in this life, I may not know with absolute certainty where my path will lead me, but I’m one hundred and one percent sure it is not in the corporate world, stressing about numbers and results that at the end of the day won’t even matter! Why?  It didn’t make me grow as a person, it didn’t feed my soul, and I wasn’t genuinely helping someone in their path of growth. I was just sitting behind a computer demanding over the phone results because someone else is pressuring me for an improved outcome. THIS is not life; this is not the sole purpose of our existence.

Please let this sink in….

We were placed here. We are the chosen ones. We are the blessed ones to be here, in this universe, on this planet, in this life and in this era. We are the children of Mother Earth. We have everything we could ever ask for; we are everything, WE ARE THE SOURCE.

We should be celebrating life; not worrying about how we are going to make ends meet. We are blessed with being able to manifest the un-manifested, we were manifested into physical existence and we have survived a lot until now, and thankfully succeeded.

Let us be more grateful, let us be more conscious of the abundance of this planet. Let us be conscious of the light within all of us. Let us be conscious of what we fear, what is real and what is not. Let us be conscious of what is important, of what really matters. Let us not be consumed with numbers and figures. Let us move into the light and remember our way before we got distracted.

Let us live in love and light, and walk our conscious path with grateful hearts.





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