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What is Sleep Paralysis and how do I stop it?

What is Sleep Paralysis and how do I stop it?

Although there is a wealth of accurate information on Sleep Paralysis (SP), there is even more inaccurate information on this very useful tool of consciousness.

There are many articles floating around both old and new claiming that SP is an attack by a demon or entity of some kind that’s either trying to suck your life force or terrorise you in some way… that couldn’t be further from the truth!

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Every time we fall asleep we experience sleep paralysis, most of the time we are not aware of it as we are too tired or have learned to ignore the associated symptoms of it. SP is a natural process that your superconscious (incorrectly called subconscious by most) mind uses to shift your conscious awareness from your physical senses into a dream state. Most dreams take place outside the physical body in the upper etheric or lower astral planes where we manifest a personal space in order to continue the adventure of life.

During this ‘sleep’ our body is repaired/reconfigured and our ego/consciousness is re-energised with a variety of elemental energies dependent on our specific needs. Consciousness is something that cannot be switched off, and so we dream – though we are not always aware of these dreams as we have trained ourselves to believe they bare no relevance on waking life, and so we teach our children the same thing by telling them “It was just a dream, ignore it and go back to sleep”. As we begin to wake, our consciousness is called back into our physical senses – electromagnetically pulled by the superconscious which is responsible for maintaining bodily functions right down to each individual atom.

Occasionally during this process of waking, we become aware BEFORE our consciousness (ego) has fully aligned with our physical senses, this happens between the physical and lower etheric plane which are intimately connected. As a result we see the darkness of the lower etheric plane which is a shadow copy of our physical world and has no natural light. Additionally those of us not versed in controlling the subtle bodies, will immediately try to move the physical body – which at the time will still be under ‘paralysis’ by the superconscious mind - unable to move, we start to panic and scream! We may also feel a presence either above or next to us – this presence you are feeling is your own etheric body aligning with your physical body. Because you are not used to feeling it in this way, you automatically assume it’s something or someone else, which further induces feels of fear and anxiety. Occasionally this alignment may be accompanied by crackling, screeching or roaring sounds – this is friction created by several energies belonging to you reacting to your suddenly awakened consciousness as well as the energy created by fear. You may also hear other unrelated sounds such as distant talking or mumbling, these sounds can be a manifestation of the fear induced state you have created or what’s known as hypnogogia – essentially electromagnetic noise echoing from the non-physical realms. You can hear these noises because you are currently aligned with your higher senses.

Another symptom associated with Sleep Paralysis is the feeling of falling. This falling, is your consciousness falling back to the lower physical plane and ‘into’ your physical senses. I still remember my first Sleep Paralysis experience – I panicked and heard what I automatically assumed was a growling demon and I screamed until I eventually ‘woke up’.

Why do I keep having Sleep Paralysis?

We become more aware of sleep paralysis during frequent periods of broken sleep – people who work nights, or have lots of late nights and early mornings are twice as likely to encounter this. Insomnia sufferers tend to be among the most affected.

My favourite Dr Wayne Dyer quote “Fear knocked on the door, love answered and no one was there”.

Once I was educated in what sleep paralysis is and how it can be used, all those seemingly scary things became pleasurable and fun. I no longer hear the growling ‘demon’ which was manifested by my own fear, or feel trapped and unable to move. In fact, just by relaxing – the feeling is euphoric and I am able to move freely.

What is the cure for Sleep Paralysis?

There is no cure, this is a naturally occurring process associated with falling asleep and waking up. You can however manage it in two ways:

1. Go to bed early enough to get a full nights rest (regularly).

2. When you experience it, just relax completely and within a few moments it will pass.

Getting consist rest reduces the likelihood of your conscious mind becoming aware before the sleep paralysis process completes. Changing your perception of what it is, will also greatly reduce the symptoms.

Western scientists believe that SP occurs in order to prevent us from acting out our dreams whilst we sleep. During clinical laboratory tests on Sleep Paralysis – it was shown that while experiencing this, the monitored brainwaves still showed signs of a sleeping state, despite the fact that the participants had full awareness of their surroundings and what was going on in the room. While I agree with this to some degree, I also belief that SP is a very useful and powerful tool that we can use to our advantage. For instance, having an out of body experience, such as etheric or astral projection becomes incredibly easy during a Sleep Paralysis episode. If you are curious about astral projection please read my article "What is Astral Projection".

I hope this article helped remove the fears associated with Sleep Paralysis. If you have any comments, questions or concerns – please do get in touch using the comments below.

Lastly please share this article with people you know that may be suffering from this and not know where to turn for help.

Stay positive, stay healthy, live with passion and compassion.

Much love to you all,

Your brother





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  • If you want to remove the association of SP and having a dark entity above you, maybe you should not have that as the first image heading your post. Seriously, talk about sending the wrong message.
    7/21/2017 2:17:06 PM Reply
    • Lk
      @Jason Selamn: @douglas: I also found this article very well written and helpful
      12/12/2017 1:43:35 PM Reply
    • @douglas: If you read the article from beginning maybe you wouldn't be so easily mislead.... I personally think the image he used in the article is great as people are always looking for a horror story or some negative reason to be afraid. You clearly don't live in the real world or you would know that bad news sells! Negative image, positive words = balance. Great job on the article, it's certainly put me at ease after having my first "SP" experience this morning. I hadn't heard of astral projection before I watched Dr Strange and thought it was just a fantasy! Thanks for spreading the word and please keep up the good work Eyezen.
      7/21/2017 3:40:08 PM Reply

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