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What is Astral Projection?

What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is the natural ability to project your consciousness “out of body” into a non-physical higher frequency of reality that has been dubbed the Astral Plane. Out of body experiences and the term astral projection seem to go hand in hand on a lot of forums and groups. However, most people never actually manage to project passed the Etheric Plane, and still continue to call their practise astral projection.

In actual fact, we as spiritual and simultaneously physical beings – already exist on the non-physical planes. When we astral project – we are not leaving our bodies, so much as just switching our focus from the physical plane to our astral bodies that already exist and are layered on top of our etheric body which is just above the physical body. Though there is much more to this than I have stated, I decided to keep the explanation simple for the purposes of introducing astral projection in this article.

What does astral projection feel like?

There are many associated traits to projecting and everyone is slightly different, so may perceive things differently. There are some common elements which I will discuss here, for example my astral friends and I all agree that during the ‘separation phase’ you often feel a tingling sensation almost like electricity flowing through your body – don’t worry though, this does not hurt in the slightest. You may also experience an initial numbness in your physical body before full separation – as if your legs and/or arms have vanished, don’t worry this is normal and doesn’t always happen.

For me personally the first time I projected it felt more real than physical/waking life. It was as if I had been asleep my entire life and I had finally woken up. Once you have fully separated, you will notice that all your senses have been greatly enhanced – this is why being there feels 100 times more real than waking life.

Why would I want to astral project?

The astral plane, often referred to as the emotional plane due to its ever changing nature (just like human emotions), has an unlimited form and the laws of physics that apply on the physical plane such as gravity – do not apply in the same way in the astral. For instance, you can easily fly on the astral plane and the landscapes found here are in a state of constant change. Additionally when on the astral plane, you can see your thoughts manifest right before your eyes. Some mystics say that we experience our emotions on the astral plane, but I have yet to prove this for myself.

The astral plane, though full of illusions - is a very interesting place, with many interesting inhabitants such as:

  • Fairies
  • Nature Spirits
  • Elemental Spirits
  • Non-human souls/entities
  • Human astral travellers
  • Those who are between lives and many other types of non-physical entities.

Astral projection is an adventure where anything is possible and you can meet various beings from all time zones, as time does not exist in the same way. While projecting a few years ago I met someone who had projected from 2010 – this was back in 2012.

When fully projected you are able to communicate with anyone you meet through telepathy – even if you’ve never used telepathy before – it is instinctual just like breathing is on the physical plane. If you are blind in physical life, you will be able to see clearly on the astral plane – not just that but your vision is many times greater and you can literally zoom in and read anything from almost any distance. You are also able to ‘feel’ energy/presences without having to use your ‘eyes’ or other senses.

You are able to instantly teleport and perform super human abilities just as you’ve seen the X-men do. You can transform into anything and create anything out of pure energy.

One of my favourite astral adventures, was a star wars theme adventure which took place on a distant planet, filled with alien inhabitants of every variety. Thankfully there were no hostile enemies to fight, just lots of flying around and helping the inhabitants of the planet with quests such as finding missing children, lost treasure and special fruits amongst other things.

Another positive side effect that I and many other experienced astral projectors have noticed is the return of past life memories. The longer I spent on the astral plane, distant memories eventually emerged. I can’t say for certain if this was due to the act of projecting, but I do believe that projecting onto higher planes of existence allows for an expansion of consciousness, which in turn unlocks certain mental/spiritual barriers within the ego.

What are the dangers of astral projection?

Contrary to horror films like insidious which are based mainly on lies to give audiences a scare – it is impossible to get lost on the astral plane. Though we say that you are ‘out of body’ it’s not technically true, a large portion of your spirit is very much connected and within your body, it’s just that your consciousness has shifted its awareness from the physical senses, to a higher plane. If at any point you wish to return to your physical body – all you have to do is think about it, and viola – your back from your adventure!

Though the astral is inhabited by the spirits of those who are physically dead – it is NOT crawling with scary looking zombies who act strange and want to possess your body. I have met with and spoken to many deceased souls, both from my own family and others – most inexperienced astral travellers cannot tell the difference between someone who is deceased and a casual astral traveller – both are congruent and appear as they did in waking life, unless of course they have chosen to deliberately transform into another form. It is also rare to meet people who are between lives.

The most dangerous thing about astral projection is your imagination and any underlying issues you are supressing – such as fears, anxiety and depression. If you are a fearful person, then you are likely to manifest some scary illusions based on your own fears. Remember the astral plane is a world of creation, emotions manifest instantly here and fear can be a powerful emotion.

Very rarely you may come across fairies and other spirits who love to play tricks on you, this happened to me once – and as soon as you confront them, they either come out laughing or runaway. Either way, they are completely harmless pranksters (when they are bored).

I hope that you know have a good understanding of astral projection and are able to make an informed decision if this is something you would like to experience. If so please read my follow up article “How do I astral project”.

Thanks for reading – true knowledge is the key to unlock the intangible powers that lay within us all. Knowledge should be shared and not kept hidden, so that we all may become enlightened. Ignorance is akin to slavery, not blissfulness.

Stay positive, stay healthy, live with passion and compassion.

Much love to you all,

Your brother





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