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How do I astral project?

How do I astral project?

There are 3 ways that I have been able to shift my awareness into the astral plane. I will list them in terms of the ones I found easiest first, followed by the more challenging techniques. We are all different so you may find that the ones I deem more challenging, are easier for you. However a great deal of the people I have instructed have found it just as easy/challenging as I have in the order listed. If you are unfamiliar with astral projection read my article on "What is astral projection"

Method 1 - Wake Back To Bed (enhanced version)

The wake back to bed method, just as the name implies is about going to sleep, waking up during the course of the night BEFORE you have had enough sleep, then returning to bed in order to invoke sleep paralysis – which is used as a shortcut to astral project. This is by far the single most effective method for a beginner to have a successful experience in a short amount of time.

Before we get to the nitty gritty, if you don’t already know the truth about sleep paralysis please read my article about it here. If you have no issues with sleep paralysis and understand it fully then proceed by all means.

If you want to astral project within 1-3 days I suggest you follow my instructions carefully, I’ve helped many people who have been trying for years without success, just by using this formula.

Energy work prior to bed

The astral is a world of subtle energy, you need to familiarise yourself with what this feels like and learn to control it. I find when I do energy work prior to bed, it’s that much easier to project and 7 times out of 10 – I end up having a spontaneous projection as a result of this practice.

Energy Ball

Learning to create a small energy ball in your hands, is the easiest way to feel the subtle energy. I will make a video on this at a later date. It’s very easy to do and you should be able to immediately feel it within a few seconds of trying:

1. Make sure your hands are clean and free of oils/dirt etc.

2. Rub both hands together quickly and firmly (without straining) this creates friction and charges up the natural energies in your hand which are polar opposites by default. Do this for 5-10 seconds.

3. Hold your hands closely together just in front of your chest, ensuring they’re not touching.

4. You’ll notice your hands tingling, move them further apart slowly while imagining holding a ball that expands as your hands move apart, try to squeeze this ball slightly by moving your hands closer together. It should feel as if there is sponge between your hands, take your time and try to make it as big as possible.

Once you get used to making the ball, you can remove step 2, this energy is always there and rubbing is only necessary to help beginners feel it easily. Once you remember the sensation you can invoke it at any time without statically charging the hands. The purpose of this exercise is to get used to controlling and feeling subtle energies.

Energy Body Bounce

This technique is very easy to do, and when mastered can lead directly into astral projection all on its own. However it is difficult for many to master for some reason.

As you lay in bed, imagine that a white line starting at your feet drawn horizontally across, moves slowly up your body, this white line is made out of pure energy and tingles as it moves through your body from feet all the way up to your head and back down again.

Remember the tingling sensation from the energy ball exercise? Try to ‘feel’ that same sensation as this white line of pure energy moves through your body. Once you get comfortable with visualising and controlling the movement without losing focus – then I want you to gradually increase the speed at which this line moves through your body. Keep increasing the speed comfortably, while breathing normally. The movement of the line has nothing to do with your breathing so keep the two separate if possible. Do this exercise for at least 5 minutes or as long as you can manage.

The purpose of this exercise is loosening the ‘glue’ that keeps your consciousness locked into physical awareness. There are many exercises you can do for this, but body bounce has been the most effective and easiest to do.

The positive effects of doing the body bounce is that it increases your vibration, cuts off psychic cords, balances the energies throughout the body (chakra balancing) and allows you to project easily. You can practise this exercise anywhere and no one will know that you are doing it. I use this exercise before doing any spiritual healing or psychic work to enhance my abilities.

I often find that doing this exercise before bed makes me feel wide awake. So to calm down and fall asleep I follow it up with the following breathing exercise – this can be swapped out for any breathing or relaxation exercise you want. However I strongly recommend doing this one as it fills your body with life energy referred to as Chi by the Chinese and Prana by the Indian yogis.

Heartbeat Breathing

Slowly breathe in for 4 heart beats, hold for 2 heart beats, and breathe out for 4 heartbeats

Increase the next in breath by 2 heartbeats (making 6 heartbeats), hold for 3 beats, and breathe out for 6 beats.

With each in breath, increase by 2 beats, always hold for half the number of in breaths and match the out breath with an equal number of in breaths.

Take your time, do it slowly and most importantly match the breathing with your heartbeats. This is a powerful yoga breathing technique. If you have difficulty feeling your heartbeat, rest your hand on your upper abdomen or chest area. I usually build up to about 30 heartbeats for the in/out breath before stopping. Do what is comfortable and do not strain yourself, relaxation is the key.


When you’ve stopped the breathing exercises be sure to set your alarm so you get between 4 to 6 hours of sleep. I find that 4 is the magic number for me, anymore and I struggle to project – others I’ve tutored work best with 6 hours.

Set your intentions that after X number of hours you will wake up, and you will experience sleep paralysis in order to astral project. Keep repeating this intention gently as you start to fall asleep. Your superconscious is listening and will carry out these instructions.

When your alarm goes off in the morning, go to the toilet (if needed), get a glass of water – a few good sips is usually enough. Then go back to sleep, repeating your intentions several times. The key here is to trick your superconscious into thinking you are sleeping – because it can’t tell for certain. All you need to do is keep perfectly still and breathe in a natural easy way. Don’t worry if you get an itch or need to move, just remain calm and comfortable.

After a period of time – this can be 5 minutes up to an hour, sleep paralysis will start to kick in gradually. You’ll start to feel a sinking, heavy feeling come over you, remain calm and don’t worry about it. Suddenly you’ll feel a surge of energy throughout your body – this is called the vibrations. Just hold fire and wait a little longer for them to deepen. Once that happens – relax and calmly try to get up and out of bed.

You may be fooled and believe you physically stood up because of how real it feels, so turn around and look at your bed and you will see yourself sleeping. You may not always see your physical body, in which case you should walk to the nearest mirror and look at yourself. You’ll notice immediately that you do not look as you usually do.

Well done, you’ve successfully shifted your awareness out of your physical senses ;-)

Method 2 – Binaural Beats Astral Projection

I discovered Binaural beats while trying out guided meditations for astral projection. I had very little success with the guided meditations, and the few times I did manage to project the experience was foggy and didn’t last very long.

Binaural beats work by playing 2 varying tones using stereo headphones, and tricking the brain into believing it is hearing specific sound range. The range I found that worked best for astral projection was 6-7 Hz Theta. I had a 65% success rate using free binaural beats I found on YouTube. Following these steps to get the most from Binaural beats:

1. Use the following YouTube Binaural that I have prepared specially for you:

2. Use stereo headphones and sufficient volume.

3. Sit or lay comfortably where you will not be disturbed for at least an hour

4. Repeat your intentions to experience sleep paralysis and astral project

5. Keep perfectly still and breathe naturally while waiting for the vibrations to kick in as in Method 1

It really is waiting game at this point, don’t try to ‘feel’ rather – just relax, be patient and wait until your superconscious begins the sleep paralysis process. Do NOT try this just before sleep as you are likely to fall asleep instead. The best time of the day to do this is right after you have woken up. Go to bed an hour earlier and wake up an hour earlier to give yourself enough time.

The vibrations usually kick in between 20 to 30 mins into the binaural track. As in Method one, wait for them to deepen before attempting to stand up and move your energy body.

Enhanced Binaural Beats Astral Projection

You can combine this with method 1 for interesting results – simply play the binaural beats once you go back to bed and follow the steps outlined. Before trying this enhanced version, do try out these methods singularly as often Method 1 alone works first time.

Method 3 – Body Bounce to projection

This takes a bit of practise as it requires you to have full visual and mental control over the subtle energies. It is however, much simpler than the 2 other methods to carry out. I’ve listed it 3rd as I’ve had greater success with the previous methods.

In this method you do the energy body bounce technique I detailed in method 1. The only difference is that you do the body bounce at a speed you feel comfortable with – speeding up the movement isn’t necessary. Spend a few minutes setting your intentions before you begin. Start doing the movement slow, steady and really feel the energy moving through your body. After a period of 30-40 mins, you will automatically ‘pop out’ into your energy body.

With this technique you may or may not find yourself floating outside your body – on a few occasions I have found myself directly on the astral plane, unlike the other Methods which tend to shift you onto the Etheric plane.

You can identify the Etheric plane by the following characteristics;

  • It's dark - visibility is greatly reduced
  • It's almost identical to the physical world with slight changes
  • It's semi-physical and fragile, walls crumble when you touch them
  • levitation is difficult, as well as a few other supernatural abilities

Once you have successfully projected, there are a few things you can do to stabilise yourself and get to the higher frequency of the astral plane:

  • Touch your surroundings with your hands to get a feel of the sensations
  • If visibility is reduced shout "clarity now!"
  • Rub your hands together to charge up your energy and increase your vibration.

Finally, if you find yourself in your room, then you need to exit by phasing through a window or by imagining yourself somewhere else - you will immediately find yourself on the astral plane where you can begin exploring the rich surroundings.

You may find that you are unable to stay out for long periods initially and feel your physical body pulling you back to your physical senses. If so just rub your hands together or touch the surrounding surfaces to stabilise again.

Here is a basic list of fun exercises to do while you are roaming in your astral body:

  • Look at your reflection in the mirror
  • Phase through walls and other solid objects
  • Fly around the astral neighbourhood
  • Shoot fireballs out of your hands
  • Transform into an animal
  • Create your own castle
  • Fly to the moon
  • Swim deep in the ocean
  • Call out to your higher self

The list of possibilities really are endless, and the more you explore – the greater control you will have over your subtle energies and the easier you will find it to project!

Remember, while you are out of body you are invulnerable – nothing can harm you no matter how unusual things appear, you are safe and protected in your non-physical form. You can jump off the tallest building and survive! If you encounter anything you don’t like, you can immediately return to your body just by thinking about it. No matter how far you may wonder, you are still strongly linked to your physical body – time and space are illusions, there is no separation – only oneness.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below and I will be happy to help.

I hope to see you all on the astral plane in the near future when I throw an astral party ;-)

Stay positive, stay healthy, live with passion and compassion.

Much love to you all,

Your brother





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  • Xan
    Thank you for your instructions! I had two SP's, the first when i was a child with 4 years and with 21, the first time it was an dark entity wich made the sounds you described made up by my fear x) with 21(i went to a energetic healer to cure the trauma i had with 4 years and in the night the same connection emerged again...) just that it felt more that these two beeings (with capes with hoods to not recognize them) where actually holding me as in an SP. I closed before the room when i felt the connection occuring and that smthng was there, too stupid i thought when they appeared inside my room when i thought again bout dimensions and thats no problem for them... i felt just in this trance after sitting in my bed after closing the door, i couldnt hold it back. but they dissapeared shortly after.Maybe you can give me an explanation to this?Ive seen Spaceships, and seen these beeings afterwards everywhere trough dimensions for a while but still.So i would have one Question, what should i do when seeing Aliens in the Astral realm as these?! Does nothing happen?!
    9/30/2018 6:17:18 PM Reply
  • Sam
    Hi, Eye-Zen, could you explain why everytime I astral project, I am always spinning out of control. It's like im floating all over the room which tends to make me scared. I cant seem to control my speed... Also, just before I start to float, I hear that incredibly loud sound ( which also scares me) , a sound similar to a train...Thanks for any info,Sam
    7/12/2018 11:27:53 PM Reply
    • Sam
      @Eye-Zen: Thank you for your comments. No, I do not do any energy work. Astral projection first happened to me without any trying, meaning it happened by itself ...right after falling asleep, I would be fully awake and aware, eyes wide opened and unable to move, then I would start to hear the loud noise and float out of control. I would get so scared that I would concentrate all my willpower to move a toe or finger to stop it...and then I would be lying there on my bed, remembering everything and fully conscious, i would get up just to make sure im ok and then go back to sleep. That was 20 years ago. It was completely unvoluntary. Over the years, I would have similar experiences from time to time. Now, I am trying to do it voluntarily (meaning Im trying to trigger it myself). I can reach the heaviness/deeply relaxed state quite easily and relatively in a short time, it starts with my feet/ legs and spread over all my body ( however, chest area/chakra and solar plexus area feeling less heavy/tingling sensations), I can reach a state where all of a sudden I feel a lightness in my hands and arms and I can move my "astral arms" around but I can never seem to go pass that point, no matter how long I stay in that state. Could you please give some pointers to go beyond? I heard about chakra work, opening them up and then closing them down. I was watching a video of a monk who said that this could be very dangerous (i.e. playing with chakras). Maybe he was referring to people not closing the chakras afterwards. But I do guess some of my chakras ( mainly chest/solar plexus) are blocked as I feel way less heaviness in these areas. To unblock an area, do I have to "pour energy" into it?Finally, about the body bounce technique, I find it quite difficult to remain focused on my breathing while feeling/moving the line through my of the reasons is that the energy tends to move slowly from my feet to my head, could take up to 30-45 min before I feel the tingling all over my body. So for the for 20-30 min, I feel extreme heaviness mainly in my legs and Im trying to pull that heaviness upward in my body ( while I do that, I have troubles keeping up and managing the horizontal line)As for the planning ahead, I would be quite happy just to explore my appartment on my first voluntary astral projection :)Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day,Sam
      7/13/2018 12:23:12 PM Reply
    • @Sam: Dear Sam, thanks for reading and commenting. It sounds like some of your energy centres sometimes referred to as chakras are out of balance. Do you practise any energy work prior to projection? I find using the body bounce I discuss the easiest energy loosening technique there is and usually do it the night before I project. I have experienced the spinning and floating myself too, as well as the loud noises. You must be fearless and the loud noise will stop with more practise. Aside from energy work - having a solid plan can help negate the spinning/floating. Knowing exactly where you plan to go and what you plan to do can greatly increase your focus.Finally another useful technique for gaining better control is simply rubbing your astral hands together - this gives your energy body a nice charge. Don’t give up, your doing great! Hope to see you on the astral one of these days.
      7/13/2018 2:57:28 AM Reply
  • Hello @Eye-Zen. I really enjoyed reading your article about astral projection but I have a few questions.Yesterday, I decided to try astral projecting for the second time ( the first time I fell asleep ) and some weird things happened. I used your first method but I didn't set my alarm, I just tried it before going to sleep. About 20-25 minutes after I started, I felt a really weird sensation across my whole body for a period of time. My heartbeat increased drastically ( should it be like that? ). I felt an earthquake in my head. After some time everything calmed down a little except for my heartbeat which was really, really high. About 3 minutes after that I tried the rope and other various techniques but nothing seemed to work so i just tried to stand up as you said in the article. My heartbeat returned back to normal after that. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to astral project ( 100% sure ). So, my questions are: Was I doing everything right? Is it normal for my heartbeat to increase like that? Should I have waited more or should I have tried to stand up earlier? Also I have a question about the body bounce technique as I don't seem to quite understand it. Should I be laying in bed and should I have my eyes closed or open and imagine the white energy line? That's all. Thanks in advance!!!
    4/10/2018 5:59:04 PM Reply
    • @Alex K.: hi Alex, apologies about the delayed reply - I have been travelling physically lol!To answer your questions about the body bounce you can do this anytime - standing, sitting, eyes closed or open. Find what works best for you and work at it consistently - even if at first it appears like nothing is happening.It sounds like you reached the vibrational stage just before AP - this is slightly different for everyone. Some report feeling the ground shake or their body trembling etc. At this point when you feel the strange sensations - this is the best point to stand up! Don’t be fooled as it can feel extremely real and you may believe that you have failed when you have actually succeeded! Always go and test your reality by looking in the mirror or attempting to poke a finger through the wall or another object.Don’t worry about your heart beating, this could have been due to excitement or other factors. Just relax, enjoy and keep trying. You will succeed!!
      5/17/2018 6:54:03 AM Reply
  • Hi Eye Zen, I tried the wake back to bed last night and nothing happened. I was laid in bed from 5. 30 am until 8.20 am 😕. I think I got lucky trying the first time but I obviously have to work at it. I have taken the time to read through the comments and I just have a few questions please if you have the time because now I have got a taste of it I'm not going to stop until I fully astral project ☺! 1. I've chosen to stick to wake back to bed method, when I do the energy ball how big should it get e.g the size of my by width or stretched arms width?2. When I do the body bounce method I have trouble trying to feel the tingling sensation of the white line do you have any advice about how I can improve this?3. After my alarm goes off and I go back to sleep, is it best to sleep facing up or sleeping in the position that I normally sleep in because I'm finding it hard to relax my body and I keep tossing and turning what's the best way to 'relax' by body and trick it into thinking I'm asleep whilst my mind is awake? 4. Should I be repeating my intentions in my mind throughout the whole relaxing process as I'm waiting to get the vibrations or should I only mentally say them a few times then try not to think of anything? Also should I be trying to feel the vibrations or just not think about the process and let the sinking feeling etc come to me? 5. Last question, I noticed in one of your comments you mentioned that when you first started you would meditate a lot which I already do and you were trying to astral project several times a day. Which method or how did you do this because I'd imagine it will be hard for me to do this using the wake back to bed method as it requires sleep deprivation or not enough sleep as a short cut or were you using another method?I APOLOGISE FOR THE LONG QUESTIONS AND TAKING YOUR TIME I JUST FIGURED THE MORE I CAN UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS THE HIGHER MY CHANCES OF SUCCESS. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME ☺.
    3/31/2018 12:59:08 PM Reply
    • @Bonnie : Dear Bonnie, apologies about the delayed response - I was on holidays.In answer to your questions 1. Make the energy ball as big as you like, but make sure that it feels as solid as you can make it. 2. with the body bounce if you can't feel it try to slow it down or speed it up - practise makes perfect - eventually it'll come natural to you.3. I find laying on my back arms at my side the easiest. Just relax totally and focus on breathing easily through the nostrils. Mentally repeat your mantra several times and then just focus on your breathing and keep still - if you have an itch scratch it and go back to keeping still. You'll become an expert at keeping still - this will trick your subconscious into thinking your asleep.Don't try to feel the vibrations - they will come naturally.Lastly when I was meditating lots - I was trying to directly project from a meditative state - which is extremely difficult and I only manage it twice once I had mastered wake back to bed.I hope that answers your questions. And if you like you can contact me directly via my Facebook page called Eye Zen
      4/8/2018 12:18:09 PM Reply
  • Sorry reposting as there's a lot of grammar errors so corrected them so you could understand what I'm trying to say.Hi, please can you help. I tried to follow the first method listed as closely as possible then when it came to the part where I had woke back to bed I could not lay as still as possible and kept shuffling around so I gave up and went to sleep. I must have been half awake and half asleep because I felt a weird sensation come over me and it was almost like this vibration not so much a tingle not sure if I am even describing it correctly but I tried to sit up but I couldn't lift my head so I was I trying to move my body side ways so I could slide off the bed and sit up that way because my head just would not lift and was heavy while doing this I got a glimpse around my bedroom it was bright and some of my furniture was upside down and some of it was missing. Then the next moment while trying to slide of the bed still.... my bed just collapsed and I found myself on my knees with my head under the frame of my bed. I as I was pulling my head out from underneath my bed I noticed some of the bed framed was intact and some was just crumbled and it was dark the lighting. The minute I tried to lift my heavy head I was back in my physical body and I sat up in my physical body in my bed in my physical :(. Please can you tell my why my head was heavy and I couldn't lift it?Why was it light/bright around the room as first and furniture upside down and some missing then next minute dark room and my bed is breaking and crumbling under me?What can I do to fix this it was 1st first time trying last night I'm giving it another go tonight.BY THE WAY IT WAS NOT SCARY AT ALL JUST EXCITING AND WIERED BECAUSE I GOT SOMETHING OUT OF IT. PLEASE 
    3/30/2018 10:07:20 AM Reply
    • @Eye-Zen: I looked at my pillow and my body wasn't there and I could feel the duvet covers etc. I guess I expected to lift my head from and I would be on my knees as I was off the bed with my head under the frame. I will try this again tonight and do the enrage body bounce for longer. Thank you for the advice and encouraging words. This is exciting stuff. I definitely be having g a word with my higher self tonight when I meditate and ask for help as well. Small accomplishment but feel positive and over the moon ☺.
      3/30/2018 12:53:38 PM Reply
    • @Bonnie : dear Bonnie - congratulations you managed to project the first time!!! It is normal to get stuck when you are first getting used to moving your energetic body - you'll gain more control as you keep trying. Also don't force yourself to lay still - just relax as you would when you try to sleep - that's why it worked. And yes you experienced the vibrations - well done again! I'm happy for you.When your room appeared light that was likely the lower astral representation of your room - hence objects and furniture was a bit different.When your room appeared dark/gloomy that's the etheric plane which is a shadow copy of the physical layer.Your head might have been stuck for a number of reasons - practice the body bounce technique before bed - this helps loosen your energy body so you don't get stuck.My question to you is when you said you sat up in bed and were back in body - how do you know you weren't still projecting? Cause I've made that mistake a lot in the beginning thinking I was back in body because of how real it felt. You must always test your reality - get up go look at yourself in the mirror or try to walk through a wall (gently) lol
      3/30/2018 11:59:48 AM Reply
  • Hi, please can you help. I tried to follow the first method listed as closely as possible then when it came to the part where I had woke back to bed I could lay as still as possible and kept shuffling around so I gave up and went to sleep. I must have been half awake and half asleep because I felt a weird sensation come over me and it was almost like this vibration not so much a tingle not sure f I am even describing it correctly but I tried to sit up but I couldn't let my head to I was I trying to move my body side ways so I could slide of the bed and sit up that way because my head just would lift and I got a glimpse arounde my bedroom it was bright and some of my furniture was upside down and some of it was missing. Then the next moment while trying to slide of the bed still.... my bed just collapsed and I found myself on my knees with my head under the frame of my bed. I as I was pulling my head out from underneath my bed I noticed some of the bed framed was intact and some was just crumbled and it was dark the lighting. The minute I tried to lift my heavy head I was back in my physical body and I sat up in my physical body in my bed:(. Please can you tell my why my head was heavy and I couldn't lift it?Why was it light around the room as first and furniture upside down and some missing then next minute dark room and my bed is breaking and crumbling under me?What can I do to fix this it was Mt first time trying last night I'm giving it another go tonight.BY THE WAY IT WAS NOT SCARY AT ALL JUST EXCITING AND WIERED BECAUSE I GOT SOMETHING OUT OF IT. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE TO GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL. THANKS.
    3/30/2018 9:58:40 AM Reply
  • Hello, i am John from Czech Republic and i trying to AP for 3 days i try it 5 times. (Sorry for english i think you will understand me)Ok there is my story:I sit on my chair and try method seesaw?About 30 minutes i have in left side my TV with red light and about 1 second where I try to little bit open my eyes saw this red light in right position only little bit lower then usual. And I try open my eyes complete... I am down in my body. My head was spinning. It is AP or not? :D
    3/10/2018 1:45:09 PM Reply
    • @Jan Stajsko: Hi Jam, sorry for the delay in replying! I have been travelling until now. Yes this could be an AP experience. Keep practising until you can control it completely. I have never tried the seesaw method but it seems similar to the swing or slide method. Well done for getting some success keep trying and I will see you on the astral one day
      5/17/2018 6:45:16 AM Reply
  • helo..tnx 4 d infomation..i astral project once wen i was yonger..but i didnt knw wat it was..but i cudnt felt as if i was press down..and it scared me..but i bcame more intrested in it wen i flew out of my body one evening and i cud see myself on d bed...but it was nt 4 i wil like 2 knw d best method out of d stated 3 that can help me fast cus i wanna try it tonite..tnx
    3/2/2018 6:41:59 PM Reply
    • @Diamond TJ: Hi Diamond TJ. Method 1 & 2 are both equally easy and fast. Let us know how you get on.All the best,Eye Zen
      3/2/2018 7:40:28 PM Reply
  • Hey, i just can't leave my body, trying for years. There are so many people claiming to do it, so many manuals but there is nothing that works. Can you (or people you know, who can really project), just pull me out of the physical or something? Im at a point, that make me think i may need same ACTUAL help, not just advices. If i could project at will, i would search the web and would pull people out if they need help. Why do people with this skill dont help ACTIVELY, cause good advice is not always what is needed.Best regardsRotstein
    2/25/2018 8:48:38 PM Reply
    • @Eye-Zen: thank you very much for this heartful answer (even though it is not the one that i hoped for XD). You know i wrote to you, asking for help because i had something like a "resonance" while reading your article (or a gut feeling). Since i am trying for so long now, i have the theory that there maybe is a blocking in my astralbody or so (or a blocked chakra or drained nadi or whatsoever). What do think? Maybe i have to do some prior work before beeing able to project. Do you know a technique to get me energetic ready or is this stupid?Best RegardsRotstein
      2/26/2018 12:25:28 AM Reply
    • @Rotstein: Hey Rotstein, unfortunately it doesn't quite work like that - thankfully! If we could just project and pull people right out of their bodies this could be seriously abused. The average astral projector will only usually be able to interact with people who are asleep - as we automatically project as part of the sleeping process. I have interacted with many people in this state - however as with dreams - they don't always remember exactly what happened and there is no guarantee that you will become lucid enough to then take advantage of it.There is no shortcut to astral projection. Aside from using sleep paralysis as a stepping stone - which in itself is an indirect way of projection. If you want to experience projection quickly - the sleep paralysis method is the most effective.If you have been unable to project after trying for so many years there's clearly something that is blocking you for one reason or another. In most cases I find that people have an underlying fear - which makes the whole process 1,000 times more difficult. I'm not sure if this is the same for you but it is a common example.Another important factor is the state of your emotional mind. What I mean by this is - do you have a noisy mind that is constantly shooting in different directions? Are you easily excited? If so you will find projection a little more challenging that it needs to be. In this case you will need to first practise stilling your mind and emotions before attempting projection. Practise makes perfect.In order to be successful you need to be fearless and 100% believe it's possible. Projection is actually very very easy and a natural process that every person experiences as a direct result of sleeping. Once you accept that this is totally natural and very easy - then it becomes much easier.When I began experimenting with projection I was trying to project around 3-4 times a day and did not miss even a single day. For 3 months solid I read about projection, I meditated for around 4 hours a day and tried to project several times a day. And for 3 solid months of doing this NOTHING happened - at least on the surface... however internally my mind, and emotions slowly became harmonious and much more focused. I didn't realise at the time but the training was getting more closer day by day until BAM!!! I projected several times in one morning and it was as effortless as breathing.The point I'm making is don't compare your progress with other people's. And expect it to happen just because you tried a handful of times. You must be patient and persistent. And you must have a strong reason for wanting to project other than proving if it is real. If your reason is flimsy - your results will be equally flimsy.If you want success, stick to 1 technique and do it like your life depends upon it.
      2/25/2018 10:23:12 PM Reply
  • Hey, i just can't leave my body, trying for years. There are so many people claiming to do it, so many manuals but there is nothing that works. Can you (or people you know, who can really project), just pull me out of the physical or something? Im at a point, that make me think i may need same ACTUAL help, not just advices. If i could project at will, i would search the web and would pull people out if they need help. Why do people with this skill dont help ACTIVELY, cause good advice is not always what is needed.Best regardsRotstein
    2/25/2018 8:18:27 PM Reply
  • Thanks for this post, it's a great read and I plan on trying it out tonight! I have used meditate and visualization as a form of pain relief for over 10 years now and I've had amazing results with that. I'm curious to see if astral travel is real or not, sure sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Thanks again!
    1/4/2018 5:45:25 PM Reply
    • @Marty: Dear Marty,Thanks for reading and commenting :-)Visualisation and meditation are two wonderful tools that can be applied to almost anything. Naturally they take time and patience to master as you have.I'm glad that you are going to give AP a go. I'm sure you won't have any problems achieving success in a short time frame. Good luck and safe travels
      1/4/2018 6:10:04 PM Reply
  • I started with lucid dreaming, then I would have images in my head after a dream has ended (the first image came to fruition 5 days later, but so far it's the only image that has) then one day I had an image in my head and I tried to focus on the image and instead I astral projected. I've done this 4 times, but I haven't been able to do it for almost 2 months now and I don't know why, I haven't even had a lucid dream in weeks. I feel like living a clean lifestyle has a great deal with this stuff, such as abstaining from meat and making an effort to live piously, because of what the ancient philosophers has said (Plato, Hermes, procleus) what are your thoughts on that, and do you have any idea as to why I'm now having such a time trying to AP, lucid dream?? Thank you
    1/1/2018 2:44:38 AM Reply
    • @Casey Howard : Dear Casey, Thanks for reading and commenting! Really appreciated.Many people like to differentiate the various methods of projection by using labels such as Lucid Dreaming, Astral projection, Mental projection etc etc.What they don't tell you is that they are all different degrees of the same thing. Lucid dreaming can easily lead to astral projection and vice versa. Typically when we Lucid Dream we aren't aware at the point of the bodily exit, and only become aware sometime later during sleep. Transitioning from LD to AP is simply increasing your awareness/vibration.Sometimes we get AP/LD blocks when there are things more pressing in the physical world that require our attention. Once these situations are resolved you'll find the block will lift. If there isn't anything that is stressing you out or needs your attention in the physical then perhaps you can start to try new methods.Have you tried my guided LD on our youtube channel? You can find it right here: - you may need to copy and paste into a browser as links don't work in the commenting section.Safe travels
      1/4/2018 5:43:04 PM Reply
  • Dear eye zen. (Sorry if that was the wrong name )I have had difficulties getting to the astral or ethnercal plane. I only started trying to astral project two days ago. I've looked at all three of your methods and in the end, I face the same problem. I dont think I can relax. When I'm in bed after my alarm I wait for the sensation. Another question I have is should i lay there with or without my blanket on (remembering that i love in england and it is currently winter). This sandbox experience sounds amazing and i would love to go there so please could you help me relax. Thank youP.S is it possible to meet someone at different times E.g one person doing projection at 2 and another doing it at 3? Thank you again and thank you for opening my eyes further
    12/2/2017 8:15:32 AM Reply
    • @Future1000: Dear Future, thanks for taking the time to read and comment - much appreciated!Remember getting to the Astral or any other plane is not a race - it's a process and it can take time. It really depends on you.The more you practise, the more you will be able to relax and get used to the sensations. At the beginning I would come very close but excitement always got the better of me and I would end up failing.Try using my Astral Projection Binaural:
      1/4/2018 5:28:19 PM Reply
  • Yep Very interesting like the energy work something like Robert bruce's system..with energy being channelled through the body, but as you probably know his system requires you to visualise you astral hands / arms moving from your feet through your body to your head & then through the mouth down to 3rd /yellow Chakra... The energy ball I hadn't heard of before I guess really by rubbing the palms together the Chakras in the hands are being energised? the same could be done by rubbing the soles/Chakras of the feet?.. Have been channelling energy from feet right up to Zeal Chakra as this I always feel is opening /energising when I Aproject or am close to it..Really looking to experience my higher self to make sense of this world & my place in it.!!.Are you familiar with Seth speaks a book by Jane Roberts who channelled an Astral being known as Seth?
    7/16/2017 9:40:15 PM Reply
    • @Snuggles: Hi Snuggles, thanks for taking the time to read the article and also for commenting. I have heard of Seth Speaks but have never read it personally. I am not a fan of channelling other beings (aside from the higher-self which is really just a more complete version of yourself).Finding your place in the world is an important part of the journey we call life. Have you tried past life regression? I gained memories of several past lives once I began projecting - this helped me understand my path and brought much into perspective.Happy Travels
      1/4/2018 5:24:29 PM Reply
  • Dear Eye-zen,I have had these experiences when i was younger(about 5 or 7),while sleeping i had this vivd dreams where i played with othere kids of my age and how it ends most times is we get on to the back of a truck or pickup and when it starts moving it moves very fast that i cant hold on to anything,i just fall and wake up.As i grew older i began to have a more vivid and real experiences unconciously when i sit on my toilet sit or somwhere quiet i just float out and go somwhere that looks dark and desolate(sometimes the sun shines from afar)and i try to journey towards it only that i just keep going.There are times i find myself in water somtimes with rocks or the shore not to far,most times its hard to levitate or move fast.I have also found myself sometimes in my dreams in areas that looks like the real world(with modern houses etc),it doesnt look like my rented house but iv gone back there in my dream(that only happened only once tho')I would like to try out one of those exersises where im fully conscious and aware and maybe see myself sleeping or sitting down and also to look at the mirror.1)Please how do i know if these are not just illusions or fantasies i force into my consciousness and also 2)i want to know how to stabilise after projection.3)Please also kindly tell me the benefits of astral projection (ie,can i use it to communicate with friends or families who are distant).I am aquarius so it seems these thing come inbuilt all we need is a teacher or a guide.Thank you for your time,waiting earnestly for your reply.Best Regards.
    6/21/2017 2:43:25 PM Reply
    • @Adeleye: Dear Adeleye, Apologies for the delayed response... the website appears to have been hit by a lot of spam and your comment got lost!Firstly, follow the steps in the article daily and as much as possible... repitetion is your friend. Secondly, you can stabilise by rubbing your hands together.Finally, there are many many benefits of astral projection, yes you can communicate with distant and diceased family members as well as friends, but they may or may not remember it.But the most important benefit is the ability to go almost anywhere and learn about the world around us. There are many advanced souls in the astral plane who are more than willing to teach many skills from the extraordinary to everyday things such as languages and playing the paino!Blessing to you
      7/9/2017 5:53:36 PM Reply
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