Element of Aether

The Elements and Theory of Evolution

The Elements and Theory of Evolution

The Elements and Theory of Evolution

I believe the spiritual chemical elements of biological life, happiness, and health can be categorized as:

For example, for plants to grow these are the elemental nutrients they need. Here "Spirit" is the pure spirit, the essence of all things. These elements correlate with other phenomena:

Spirit Light Air Water Minerals
Dodecahedron Tetrahedron Octahedron Icosahedron Hexahedron
Spiritual plane/body Mental (causal, light) plane/body Emotional (astral) plane/body Physical life energy (etheric) plane/body Physical material plane/body1 
Crown Chakra and above (e.g. Universal Chakra) Crown - Throat Chakras Throat - Solar Plexus Chakras Solar Plexus - Root Chakras Root Chakra and below (e.g. Earth Star Chakra)2
White-violet Violet-blue Blue-yellow Yellow-red Red-black2, 3
Spirit Plasma Gas Liquid Solid
Spiritual Suns4 Stars (Sun) Atmospheres (Sky) Bodies of water (Sea) Land masses (Earth)
Being Light-basking4 Breathing Drinking Eating
Being Living on light4 Breatharianism Water fasting Eating
Spirit Light beings4 Air-breathing life Water-breathing life Minerals

1. Different sources categorize these planes differently, the main idea here is that just as we often say we're composed of spirit, mind, and body, we have energy/subtle bodies of varying degrees of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy that correlate with these five elements.

2. These rows are personal estimates.

3. Rainbows are great examples of this concentric circle formation, violet can be seen as their innermost layer, and red as their outermost.

4. These exist in heavens, higher-dimensional realities. For evidence of heavens, higher-dimensional realities, see the end of the "Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Liberation, Theory of Everything" section on the Purpose of Life page.

The natural order is key. For example, pure spirit underlies all things, and is the lightest degree of consciousness. Next on the spiritual, evolutionary scale are heavenly, higher-dimensional light beings such as the Creator, beings to whom worlds are thought forms, solar systems like atoms, and humans like cells, gods, angels, celestial, legendary, magical, and other supernatural beings, extraterrestrials, and spirits. After them come air-breathing lifeforms such as humans, the difference between light beings and us is on a level similar to that of the difference between us and the following group, water-breathing lifeforms that have yet to evolve the ability to respire air, science tells us that the earliest primitive organisms on Earth depended on water to respire. Finally are minerals, like all things in existence, they, especially crystals and gems, have some degree of consciousness.

Another way of looking at it is that spirit emanates light, which emanates air, which emanates water, which emanates minerals.

Conversely, evolution can be seen as, in addition to a blending process, a progression from the mineral element to the spirit one, spanning across lifetimes through reincarnation.

For more on these ideas, see the "Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Liberation, Theory of Everything" and "The Alpha and the Omega" sections on the Purpose of Life page.

I believe celestial, heavenly, higher-dimensional kingdoms, their starship worlds, and to some extent Earthly kingdoms, follow this design, with pure spirit at the heart of their inner circles, and the four subsequent elements as so, with minerals as the outer layer, often providing protection, as the shells of turtles, armour and shields of knights, walls of castles, and military equipment do.

I believe Earth and Her inhabitants are ascending towards higher dimensions and greater light, that this will lead to a new light stage of evolution, and that this transformation is related to the 2012 phenomenon.

To evolve towards greater oneness, harmony, balance, and naturalness, it's in our best interest to strengthen our affinity with the lighter elements too, as our culture has an affinity with the mineral element, having themes such as toughness, rock and heavy metal music, electronics, machines, fossil fuels, and concrete cities.

Spirit, light, air, water, and minerals can be compared with the classical elements aether, fire, air, water, and earth, which were emphasized by ancient cultures worldwide, and also often appear in fantasy stories, for instance the cartoon series' "Captain Planet" and "Naruto", and Marvel and DC Comics. There are many substances that don't seem to qualify as aether, fire, air, water, or earth, for example the hydrogen and helium conglomerates that make up gas giants like Jupiter, they don't seem to qualify as air, which has little hydrogen and helium, only as gas, which seems more fundamental than air, a type of gas, meaning the air element would more appropriately be termed "gas", and to be consistent all the elements would more appropriately be identified as merely the four (not counting aether) fundamental states of matter, plasma, gas, liquid, and solid. So it makes more sense to think that if there is an actual unifying, deeper meaning to the classical elements, it's that they're not the basic materials that compose all matter, but rather the essential ingredients of life which they correlate with. And the true quintessence, another word for aether, of life is spirit, which many other sources too identify as the fifth element. Also, the plasma that life requires is actually the sun and its light, it has a more healing, cosmic meaning than fire, which the sun also isn't considered. You could also say minerals instead of earth, as in soil-free hydroponics. Additionally, ancient cultures worshipped the sun (gods) (and moon [goddesses]), (father) sky, sea, and (mother) earth, which correlate with light, air, water, and minerals, as primal entities. This is why I think it's appropriate to categorize the elements as spirit, light, air, water, and minerals.

Note: Though some deep sea organisms may be able to live without direct exposure to sunlight for example, all life does seem to depend on ecological, bio-geo-chemical cycles that require all the discussed elements, and more advanced lifeforms do seem to depend on light more directly.


365 Golden Keys to a Completely Free Life, "Five Bodies of Man", pp. 26-28, by Masaharu Taniguchi Ph.D.

The Science of Homeopathy, Chapters 2-3, by George Vithoulkas




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  • Hi, I'm the author of this article. I'd like to clarify the statement "spirit emanates light, which emanates air, which emanates water, which emanates minerals." The explanation is, spirit emanates light, as in the light of God. Light emanates air, the interaction between sunlight and atmospheres which absorb and reflect it is essential to the formation of air. Air emanates water, it contains water vapor which can form clouds and rain. Water emanates minerals, which are dissolved in it. Conversely, minerals dissolve into water, which dissolves into air, which dissolves into light, which dissolves into spirit.
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