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Understanding and Mastering the Elements: Water

Understanding and Mastering the Elements: Water

The Water Element, like the fire element – came out of the Akasha (Spirit Element). Water was the second element in creation and is the polar opposite to the fire element. The active or positive attributes of the water element are; life giving, nourishing, cleansing, constructive and sustaining. The passive or negative attributes are; decaying, fermenting, decomposing and dispersing. The water element is cold and contracting (magnetic).

Almost all things in our physical world were created with a combination of the Water and Fire Elements. The Air Element, which is not considered a true element, is a combination of Water and Fire, and is mediator between the two.

The Water element is associated with our emotional body, the winter season, the direction North, the little finger/toe, the female aspect or Yin, the colours; blue, indigo, silver and purple. And of course, the streams, rivers, oceans and any other waters.

Let us take a deeper look at the role played by the Water Element in nature and in the human being:

In nature, the Water Element is the sustaining factor of all life forms. Without water, a life form will dry out due to the Fire Element and eventually die from dehydration. The Water Element by its magnetic factor, holds together the cells structure – which in turn are used to build the physical vessels various life forms use to traverse the physical planes of existence.

The Water Element has a renewing effect, in that it cleanses away impurities from the physical and emotional bodies (this is why we feel better after crying) – hence it is important human beings and other life forms who eat a varied and/or impure diet, to have a fresh supply of water. Only Breathairians who have prepared and purified their physical and emotional bodies correctly are able to live without drinking any water. However the air element contains water in the form of moisture, hence in breathing we are taking advantage of the cleansing aspect of the Water Element in a subtle way. The magnetic aspects of water carry with it Prana or universal/cosmic energy, which allows the energy to flow inward (renewing) and outward (cleansing/removing impurities), the same effect is demonstrated through breathing. The Water Element governs the digestive and reproductive systems in the body. However it is present throughout the entire body in varying degrees.

Imbalances of the Water element in the body will give rise to a number of issues dependent largely on the individual and the cause:

  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Fear / anxiety / Phobias
  • Kidney Disease
  • Lower back pain
  • Premature greying of hair
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Hypothyroid
  • Infertility
  • Impotence
  • Lack of Libido
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Urinary tract problems

Imbalances can be a lack or an abundance of the Water Element, just as people have been known to die from drinking too much water. Having more Water Elemental energy than you can handle can make you overly emotional (crying, sadness, depression etc). Having too much of the water element can be as problematic as having too little. The water element is often undervalued in today’s world where people are more focused on passion, excitement and creativity (fire). It is important for the aspiring healer or spiritual practitioner to spend time mastering the water element as well as the Fire Element.

Water Element Exercises

Before I divulge the practical exercises I must stress the importance of caution and recommend that you do not skip the theory part of this article. These exercises should be carried out carefully, and one should adhere to all the associated warnings throughout.

Do not do the exercises for longer than the stated time in a single 24 hour period or serious health problems may develop. Additionally as with all exercise programs, I suggest you contact your General Health Practitioner before attempting the exercise below. I cannot be held responsible for anyone who decides to practise this powerful method without consulting your Doctor first – you do so entirely at your own risk.

If you are currently unwell with a cold, flu or fever do not practise this exercise at all, as you may hinder your body’s immune system response – which will raise your temperature in order to fight off the virus or infection. This exercise will significantly lower your body's temperature.

As a beginner you MUST NOT do this exercise for more than 7 inhalations/exhalations in a 24 hour period to start with. You must practise this technique daily – preferably at the same time each day. You can then increase the inhalations/exhalations practised by 1 after each day provided that you have been practising daily without missing a day. Should you miss a day of practise then you must not increase the inhalations/exhalations until you have made up for the missed day. Should you miss 2 consecutive days at the beginning of your practise then you must start back at square one.

1. Sit upright or lay down with your body straightened and close your eyes.

2. Clear your mind and imagine that your surroundings have completely vanished.

3. Visualise that your soul and body are an empty container, and that the entire universe is a vast, endless ocean.

4. Visualise that you are in the centre of these cosmic waters, as you breathe in vividly imagine that you are absorbing these waters through every pore of your being, filling your body and soul with ice cold water.

5. With each inhalation you should feel the coldness of the water element building up within and around you.

6. With each exhalation, you are releasing every single drop of water you absorbed through all of the pores in your body, until not even one particle remains.

Doing this exercise daily, has the added benefit of increasing your body's healing factor several times over, as well as balancing the emotional body through the renewing/cleansing factor of the Water Element.

Important Notes

It is completely natural to feel very cold during this practise – this is a sign of your success. Always ensure the exhalations match the number of inhalations to ensure you fully release the ice cold water element. Do not worry if you do not feel anything at the start of your practise, with time and patience you will be able to distinctly feel the water element.

It is NOT recommended to withhold the water element within your body, as this will significantly lower your body temperature and keep it there. This may pose a health risk over time.

If you still feel uncomfortably cold after completing the exercise, you may have a hot drink and/or turn on a heater to help raise your body temperature.

This exercise should be practised with closed eyes to begin with, and later with open eyes to increase your imaginative and creative forces.


In this article you have learned about how the Water Element manifests qualities in both the physical and emotional bodies. You have also been given a powerful exercise to aid in the accumulation and control of the water element. Approach this exercises with caution and under advisement from a qualified General Health Practitioner as with all exercises.

When this exercise is mastered and after years of practise, like the Elemental Masters of the orient - you will be able to control and effect any natural waters. Creating rain on the hottest day or even stopping the rain become possibilities for the adept. Those who have practised for many years are able to rapidly decrease the temperature of tea until it begins to frost over, and stand in a steam room and cause rapid condensation to occur. Beyond these tricks, mastery of the Water Element is especially useful for regulating the body and performing healing work on yourself and others. If you are naturally aligned to the Water element, then the time taken to master it will be considerably shorter, dependent on your natural aptitude and dedication.

Finally, I hope that you enjoyed learning about the Water Element and should you decide to do the exercise – you heed all warnings and proceed with caution.

I will aim to publish the next instalment on the Air Element very soon. You can read my article on Mastering the Fire Element here

Until the next time,

Stay Positive, Stay Healthy, Live with Passion and Compassion.

Love to you all,

Eye Zen




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