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High Quality Lifestyle

High Quality Lifestyle

Hello fellow beings of light and love!


Today I am going to contribute to my first article on this awesome community of beautifully gifted minds, and share with the collective of brilliant beings what it means to have a highly pure and natural lifestyle! Now if you follow my Instagram (@LightBenG) I post many scientific facts and theories, but this post is focused on a more subjective and personalized point of view, to draw focus on the metaphysical senses.


For the past year especially, I have understood the importance of HIGH QUALITY FOOD. And this doesn’t mean strictly physical food, it means the substance you ingest on all planes, including the mental and emotional ones. There is a constant renewal taking place in your body, the cells that make up your physical entity that houses your spiritual entity and creator consciousness, are dying and being reborn at a beautiful and astonishing rate. 2-3 billion cells come and go a day on average. I heavily promote an organic plant based diet, but physical food is only ONE thing to be aware of that you ingest. Many in the metaphysical community know LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, energies that are similar will “oscillate” together, meaning they move towards energies that are similar, eventually increasing the magnitude of this energy greatly.


Here is where things start to get important.

“Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God”

The energies you ingest, not only physically, but through the mental and emotional faculties, are opening your being up and attracting more of that similar energy. If you do not sort through the high quality, pure substances, and ingest low quality, low vibration, impure foods, you are now creating a very problematic situation for yourself and potentially your entire life.


The worry here, is that we, after failing to sort all the elements we ingest, have invited energies AND ENTITIES from the planes of these energy fields to take refuge in our spiritual being and physical vessel. If we are thinking hateful, lustful, fearful, low frequency vibrations, RESONATING with them, instead of letting them pass through, we have now “INGESTED” this energy. This energy brings similar energies with it. The energy of lust brings energies of selfish control, the energy of hate brings fear and anguish, and you can see how destructive this cycle can be!


Now I don’t want to scare people, but due to opening yourself up to low vibrations, you open yourself up to the planes that they are emitted from. These planes house entities, who can take up residence in your body. They can further influence negative thoughts, stagnate your growth, force bad habits to stay in your field, and a plethora of other things, as these are selfish and inconsiderate beings, far down the spectrum of light and dark.


With the beautiful ability to sort what you allow to be seeded into your being body and consciousness, you can choose a highly prosperous energy flow. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. By ingesting feelings of unconditional love, appreciation, righteousness, this opens you to planes of LIGHT, planes of abundant LOVE, planes of beings who seek to assist your growth, AND ARE HONORED TO DO SO, who seek to uplift your energy, further advance your consciousness, and evolve you into a being more glorious than you can imagine.


Much of this is derived from a beautiful book called the mysteries of Yesod written by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, and my own insights. The book is focused around the base of the tree of life. Yesod, Hebrew for purity, which influences us to understand without high quality elements in the other “points” above the base, that those elements are intended for, love and beauty for example, they might be replaced with something else. For the 10 emanations on this tree, the ten points, if you don’t properly fill your life with the intended elements, another element might take its place. Love can turn to lust. Glory might turn to ego based pride. Wisdom can turn into flawed intellect and logic. You get the point.


These emanations are the keys to living a life of spirit. A life connected deeply to source, which empowers you and leaves all bodies, and all cells of your physical body vitalized and in harmony with creation.  This is the life above and beyond our physical world, which all our joys, dreams, and visions stem from. If we live impure lives, impure in thought, impure in action and emotion, we are cutting ourselves off from high amounts of spiritual influence as we are blocking the ways it gets into our awareness and lives.


If we understand how to sort, to never physically ingest or resonate with poor quality of substance, that which doesn’t align into the highest good of all involved, and work instead for the betterment of all involved, we open ourselves up to the planes of light that we are subtly always connected to, without doing so will keep us connected to the darker and far less compassionate side of the spectrum. If we can master only ingesting pure elements, and not emotionally and mentally identifying with and low quality frequencies, we begin to live a life of SPIRIT. Our physical being becomes a house for the higher energies of creation to enthuse our beings and take our levels of experience well beyond the world we as humans are used to.


By ingesting substances of creation as our spirits intend, we regain our purity. When we regain our purity, our house is allowable for a spirit as beautiful and heavenly as our own to fully come inside. Just as dirt attracts bugs, negativity attracting negativity, we can’t invite God to come inside a dirty home filled with bad energies. We would honour this most esteemed of guests and perform a deep cleansing of our homes.


So if you ever feel BLOCKED, DIMINISHED, UNWORTHY, NOT ENOUGH, UNLOVED, you can now begin to understand these are elements that have fallen in place instead of the ones the creator had intended for your spiritual identity. Through simple yet refined focus on purity of all, we can create a life that is worthy of the heavenly glory our heavenly father and mother had intended for us.


THANK YOU FOR READING, I hope this helped provide clarity to your life, and I greatly advise getting the book “The Mysteries of Yesod”. I can’t wait to write for you all again, BLESSED BE YOUR EXPERIENCES






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  • This helped! Thanks. Post more soon. Please
    2/19/2016 3:05:29 AM Reply
  • A totally awesome read and what you say resonates with me. We have to be aware on all levels of not just our physical sustenance but our mental and spiritual sustenance too. Thank you for sharing this and reminding me just how important our personal awareness is - in order to live a happy and successful life. I began culling all negative influences about 6 years ago. The first thing I did was stopped watching television. The second thing I did was cut certain people out of my life, the third thing I did was began reading inspiring books and listening to self-help audio programs for added motivation. The fourth thing I did was began meditating frequently. These 4 areas really impacted my life and increased the quality of my daily thoughts tremendously, which in turn brought me true happiness in many avenues. The fifth thing I've done - which has only been the last 3 or 4 months, was change my diet, I cut out milk, then dairy, then red meat, then all meat, then fish and finally I am a happy healthy vegan. 10 stars from me to you brother. I look forward to reading more from you soon
    1/19/2016 10:50:13 PM Reply

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