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Psychic Cord Cutting

Psychic Cord Cutting

What are Psychic Cords?

Psychic cords are invisible ‘strings’ of emotional energy that connect us to universal consciousness and the oneness of cosmic love. As we progress on our journey through physical life and make acquaintances and fall in love – we create more and more of these psychic cords sometimes referred to as soul contracts.

There are several types of connections and several ways these connections can be made. The easiest way is for you to think about someone – the moment you think of that person, an invisible connection is created between the two of you. The emotional significance of the thought plays an important part of how strong the connection is. For example, feelings of intense passion or love create a stronger connection than a fleeting thought. The people we associate with on a regular basis or those with whom we enter an intimate relationship with – create some of the most powerful and lasting connections.

These invisible cords are often formed unconsciously and work much like a two way radio – allowing both involved to be connected and feel the thoughts/emotions simultaneously. This is how we find ourselves instinctively knowing when a close friend or loved one is in trouble, or we think of them and a few moments later they call us on the phone.

These cords exist on every level of our daily interaction with all conscious beings. These paperless contracts exist and are created between children and parents, work colleagues, friends, associates, pets and even plants. More so people and objects you touch will create an instant connection as energy is subtly exchanged. The more time you spend with someone, and the more intimate the relationship becomes – more cords are created between the two of you, binding you closer together.

Add negative emotions into the mix and the cords become tangled up; cords created with feelings of hurt, anger or distrust to name a few - end up crossing ‘wires’ with cords created by feelings of love. This tangling of the cords if left unchecked, can lead to misunderstood/mixed feelings between you and your partner – even more so if the relationship has come to an end without closure. You may find yourself over-thinking about that person (and vice versa as the cords are a two way communication); despite knowing that you have no future with him/her. In other cases he/she may have already moved on, yet you cannot seem to let go or stop yourself from thinking of that person.

What is Psychic Cord Cutting?

Just as the name implies, psychic cord cutting is the act of severing the connection between yourself and another being. In many cases when a relationship or friendship has ended on a negative note, it is in both parties interests to have the cords cut; this helps both of you to move on with your lives.

Having many cords to an ex-partner where there is little hope of rekindling the romance can be mentally and emotionally draining as you find yourself thinking about that person all day – which can go on for months or even years after the relationship has ended! Though the cords may weaken over time – more quickly if you move on – they still remain attached… that’s when you hear phrases like “I’ve always had a soft spot for her/him and I don’t know why”.

After any relationship ends – no matter how long or short, it is important to take the time to reconnect with yourself. Being in a formerly intimate relationship with someone, you will have consciously or unconsciously taken in some of their energy whilst forming psychic cords, and this in turn will have created changes in your emotional and intellectual bodies – these changes can be drastic or very subtle depending on many factors. This is why it is important that you take the time to understand the ‘new’ person you have become. You cannot reconnect with yourself if your mind is clouded by thoughts of your ex-partner and all the countless possibilities of what could have been; more so if your heart is filled with feelings of hurt.

Cutting the psychic cords is a way of releasing the bonds and letting go of unwanted pain. It is a very simple and therapeutic method that you can immediately do yourself. Another benefit of doing this is that it also releases the other person from the many bonds created between you. The more intense the feelings are, the more cords there are to cut. You may have to do the exercise several times over a few days to ensure all the cords are completely released.

How To Cut Psychic Cords

1. Sit or lay down somewhere quite where you will not be disturbed for 10 minutes.

2. Use the ‘4 Breath Method’ – breathe in slowly while mentally counting for 4 seconds, hold the breath in for a further 4 seconds, breathe out counting 4 seconds, then hold the outbreath for 4 seconds and repeat the cycle 10 times. This breathing method will put your mind into a relaxed state that encourages alpha brainwaves.

3. Begin to think of the person that you wish to cut the cords with, try to dig deep and feel the connection between you. Keep your breathing calm and steady as you do this.

4. Scan your body from head to toe and try to feel where the connections between you are strongest. Usually this is in the chest around the heart for past relationships with feelings of hurt, but can be anywhere in the body, follow your intuition and do not doubt yourself or your feelings.

5. Visualise a cord connecting to the part of your body you feel is most connected to that person. Once you can feel the cord, imagine that it is unravelling until it breaks apart completely – releasing you both into a happier, healthier state of being. Do this as many times as required until you cannot feel any unwanted connections between you.

6. Affirm “I cut all cords to my past and return myself to a healthy, balanced state”. Say this mentally or out loud if appropriate – as many times as is necessary, each time you affirm it, you are releasing all psychic cords between you. You may put this into your own words if you find it helpful to do so.

7. Visualise an open door between yourself and the person with whom you have just cut all the cords from. See this door closing between you and lock it. This is the sealing process and it ensures that the same cords are not unconsciously re-established by either of you.

8. Feeling refreshed and restored, stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes then affirm “I release all soul contracts and cut all psychic cords that do not serve my highest purpose and good!” – say this as many times as possible.

9. Finally, send thanks and forgiveness – these are 2 of the most powerful tools for healing and letting go of past trauma. Send thanks to the person involved for the hard lesson learnt. Send forgiveness to them no matter what they may have said or done – this releases you both from the chains of negative karma and allows you both to move on towards a positive future.

You will find that your mind is more at ease and the emotional burdens will begin to subside, if not instantly then gradually as you repeat the exercise each day. If it does not appear as if it is working after a few attempts, it simply means that you have lots of connections to this person, this maybe from multiple past life experiences together; please be persistent and have faith.

If you are finding it difficult to visualise – try to make the technique your own by using your imagination to find what works best for you. You can also have the cords cut by an experienced psychic, medium or energy worker such as a Qi Gong or Prana practitioner. In my experience however, cord cutting is more potent and lasting when done yourself.

I have used and recommended this very technique to release myself and many others from negative emotional trauma. It really sped up the healing process not just for myself, but many others, thanks to the healing power of forgiveness.

Remember that you are a divine expression of infinite love, you have the power to heal yourself and be happy – no matter what you have been through. You may feel frustrated, broken and alone in your feelings; you are not alone and there is always a way forward.

Thanks for reading and if you have found this article useful please get in touch using the comment box below.

Until the next time; stay positive, stay healthy, live with passion and compassion.

Your cosmic brother,





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  • SS
    OMG! I just did these cuttings and I feel hugely better! Tahnk you xxxx
    2/29/2016 10:55:25 PM Reply
  • After reading that it made me feel like I was a bit normal and this is normal feelings.. I was punishing myself for still having feelings if that makes sense but I swear its getting so much easier he's not the last thing I think about anymore and rarely the first thing too.. X
    2/16/2016 2:33:00 PM Reply

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