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Zuleika Lebow is a contemporary fine artist born and raised in London. A recent graduate of the BA Fine Art course at Middlesex University, Zuleika’s work focuses on issues of identity, race, gender, language and theology. Using a range of mediums including paper straws, photographic techniques and ceramics, she attempts to unpack this subject-matter in a way that is balanced and open.  

A conscious explorer, Zuleika is constantly informing herself on spirituality in all it's forms; Shamanism, Kabbalah, Wicca, and many other pathways inform her spiritual practice. 

The MUSE Technique: How To Rediscover Lost Inpiration

The MUSE Technique: How To Rediscover Lost Inpiration

In this article I explore simple, yet powerful techniques you can use immediately to reignite the flames of inspiration. The muse technique comes in a variety of flavours that can be used in multiple ways to empower and motivate you when you are feeling listless. You are just 4 easy steps away from bringing out your inner muse - no matter what the weather is...
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