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The Conflict in Syria and Worldwide

The Conflict in Syria and Worldwide

As unsettling a fact as it may be for many people to face, and as much as I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, it must be clearly understood that all throughout history Governments have manufactured events and used terrorism to achieve their agendas. These events can be seen as far back as Nero burning Rome and blaming it on the Christians. Very likely even earlier. It is no different today, and via the mechanism of the "War on Terror", those who control virtually all Western Governments have managed to set in motion a chain of events, a master plan if you will, all focused with a singularity of purpose. And that purpose is to enslave the entire world into one Global Police State - and worse. All done under the pretext of providing safety to the people, when nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that the shadowy global terrorist network that the people are being told to be in fear of, is an idea that has been created by the Governments themselves for this very purpose. This of course is because the Governments of the world today are now mostly run by the same hand, and that is those who control the global financial systems.

If people haven't figured it out yet, those who control the Global banking system are heading a cabal that has infiltrated into virtually all aspects of Western Governments and education systems, and many levels of the wider society. Virtually all the instability seen in the world today is the result of the actions of this one group of people. This Cabal encompasses the entire global financial and war machines, the medical and education systems, the global drug trade, the sex slave industry, and child trafficking and paedophilia on an industrial scale. It is populated by people who are so evil and have such a lust and desire for power over others that they will quite literally stop at nothing to achieve their goals. And if anyone doubts that fact, they need only look around at the world today and at what our societies are becoming.


The War on Terror is fake. It has been created and funded from the ground up by these same international banking interests from day one, and through the magic of 'Tell-lie-vision' cleverly packaged and sold to the world through a variety of means, mostly staged "terrorist events" and media spin. Each new phase of the 'war' has seen an event, usually accompanied by a boogie man paraded across TV screens for the public. First the 911 attacks, Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, eventually morphing into what is known today as ISIS (and whichever new monthly leader they can come up with). Typically with such attacks and their mandatory villains, the Government and media instantaneously, almost magically, knows all about the suspect in question down to the tiniest detail of their lives (even though they were somehow not able to stop said "evil mastermind") and this new threat is then used to further increase the surveillance and curtail the rights of everyday people. This is the mechanism of the so called War on Terror. This Modus Operandi has once again been clearly demonstrated in the recent "terrorist attack" in Paris which had all the hallmarks of a staged event and which then, very predictably, ushered in a massive increase in both the conflict in the Middle East, and surveillance and police powers in Western countries. And so now begins the final phase of the global domination plan.

The conflict in Syria that has led to the situation that is now unfolding is not a "Civil War." The bands of ISIS soldiers rampaging across the Middle East are not "Islamic extremists". The conflict in Syria is a covert invasion of a Sovereign Nation by Western and Zionist forces, ISIS is a mercenary army very provably created and funded by these very same forces. This army is being used to: destabilize and Balkanize predetermined sections of the Middle East in accordance with the region outline for Greater Israel; depose any Autonomous Governments in the region and allow sectarian enclaves to form that are disunited and can therefore be easily dealt with; to undermine and transform the entire social structure, national, ethnic and racial integrity of all European countries; introduce a worldwide police state run from a single command centre encompassing all regional governments and financial mechanisms.

That is the plan, and it is being rolled out right now... and that is just the tip of the iceberg.


There is a storm coming my friends, indeed the shutters are already rattling from its onset. Yet hope remains while people’s hearts remain true. There is still a possibility of finding remedy and altering the direction the ship of state is now sailing if people can gain a clear grasp of what is happening around them, put aside their differences for the moment and unite with a common focus. We still have the means to call this out and address what is essentially a trans-generational, trans-national criminal cabal that has infiltrated into all western Governments and who is the architect of the current global crisis. All we need is one united voice, however, time is growing short.

I and many others have been attempting to awaken the masses to the future that is now unfolding for a great many years now. I have attempted almost every way I can think off to awaken and empower people and help others see the very real need to address what is coming, the people of the world have, however, for the most part, been distracted with the rigors of everyday life. And of course with entertainment, fashion, sex, games and the internet. But while the people have been wasting their time with movies and TV shows (Time Warner) and fulfilling their everyday indulgences, those who work behind the scenes have not been so idle. Like wolves in the night, through the guise of the War on Terror, the banksters, via the governments they control, have erected around the sleeping masses, an economic prison and they have ever so gradually militarized our police in all western countries under the guise of keeping people safe from terror when in reality it is simply a private army built for themselves. This army of militarized police is already in place and it is to keep the Politicians safe from the people and to enforce the will of the Banksters upon them to the letter. George Orwell once said. For the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever. If the people fail to act, that future is now fast approaching.

There is no remedy to our situation to be found within any of the current systems. All have been infiltrated and all are corrupt. The only place remedy can ever be found is within the hearts of the people. What is truly needed is a groundswell, a massive shift in public perspective leading to a coordinated focused response. Now, more than ever, it is time for people to make their voices heard. This necessity has led to the creation of the Full Circle Project which can be used to provide a mechanism to connect and coordinate people around the world into a common and effective response.

The time has come for people to now act, indeed humankind is currently on a knife edge and whether we cross this bridge or fall forever into the abyss depends entirely upon the actions taken by each of us, right now.

In Lak'ech and a safe journey to all of you, my brothers and sisters.

Max Igan






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  • You are absolutely right in everything you write BUT one thing, We are as good as doomed to become slaves to this satanic New World Order agenda. No indivudual activists or groups of people can fight against this cabal with any slightest chance of ever succeeding as you have correctly noted that THEY have all western governments under control creating a false veil of a fare unified western leadership. But the hope is there! Edgar Cayce, one of the world's most legendary psychics, once noted "the hope will come from Russia, not the communist Russia but from the RENEWED Russia..." With everything we see today it's becoming more and more obvious who those words apply to. Although Russia has come through periods of chaos and destruction orchestrated by the notirious western banking cabal, it is the only and probably the last force POWERFULL ENOUGH to withstand the satanic agenda. Putin has stopped the west-instigated dramatic disintegration of the coutry in early 2000th and helped the people of his coutry to regain awareness and realize the true reasons behind the occurances. He has truly united his nation with his rightful deeds and the words of truth. It's Russia's involvment that can turn out to be a gamechanger not just for Syria but worldwide. "80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3"
    12/14/2015 1:35:50 PM Reply
  • IDJ
    Thank you for your time spent on such a brilliantly written appeal.. Namaste
    12/11/2015 1:35:37 AM Reply
  • Completely agree! The response from the UK and France to go and bomb Syria says it all! I have some Syrian friends who live here in the UK and according to them - Syria is in a constant state of war with nothing but innocent people getting hurt on a daily basis. Thank you for this article Max
    12/10/2015 5:00:47 PM Reply

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