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An Idea Whose Time Has Come

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The world just gets crazier by the moment. Yet with all the fear and foreboding, and every sense of unease that comes with it, through it all there still shines a growing sense of clarity, a feeling that the masses are awakening and that they are beginning to move. And how could they not? Because the world is indeed getting crazier and crazier all the time.


Although things are getting worse and worse on the ground in regard to Government corruption and intolerance, and also in regard the level of brutality police are levelling at the public in order to enforce it, the upside is that it is awakening more and more people. Sure there are vast numbers still asleep, most especially among the younger generation, but even they are beginning to realize that something is terribly wrong and that the world they are in today is vastly different to what it was just a few short years ago. In fact the speed with which the change has happened has left many people wondering just how it occurred without them really noticing.


Now, we can call this out all we want, many have been, and though not nearly enough, it has still made a difference in helping shift the mass consciousness back to wakefulness and that's surely a good thing but the real questions at this point are what do we do, and what can we do?


To outline the need to urgently address these two questions, on the ground things are getting incredibly ugly. For example, in Australia, which is fast becoming the most oppressive police state in the western world, just last month police threw a flash grenade into the bed of Miss Australia as she lay sleeping, melting her right hand and terribly disfiguring her face. Miss Australia. Their reason? Her boyfriend was suspected of being a petty drug dealer. And that was the way they commenced the raid, they didn't knock, or even kick the door down, their very first action was to throw a flash grenade into the face of a young woman who lay sleeping and posed no threat to the police whatsoever. Just let that sink in for a moment because if these government sponsored thugs are going to do that to Miss Australia - with no remorse and no charges brought against them for their criminal assault on a defenceless young woman, then what do you think they are going to do to you if they ever come and visit? And don't think it cannot happen to you. Just a few weeks earlier Police carried out a similar raid on a young family, terrorizing the children and hospitalizing the father, before realizing they had raided the wrong house at which point they left, joking to the young mother and children they had traumatized that they had given her "a bit of excitement for the morning". And this is what our great protectors of freedoms and upholders of justice have become... Little more than gangs of brutal thugs, bereft of compassion or intelligence, operating above the law and now openly terrorizing whomever they like in the name of their corporate masters.


The real question of course is what are Australian police doing with flash grenades in the first place? The Australian people have been disarmed so why have the Australian police been militarized and given such equipment with an open ticket to use it on ordinary civilians at all? Not that it is just in Australia, the entire western world is now being subject to the same levels of brutality from police dressed in the same black Kevlar uniform of the global police, it's just that it has been ramped up in Australia at a frighteningly fast level, most especially since Australia's latest prime minister was appointed to office - without an election.


Of course we are seeing similar trends in virtually all countries now. Via the mechanism of the so called war on terror, the entire world is in the process of being locked down "for their own protection” of course. And again, in the realization of all the above, knowledge of the situation is one thing, what to do about it, is something entirely different.


In formulating any type of response to the control system that is fast being introduced around us, I believe the most important aspect to realize is that the crisis we are facing is not a result of 'the state' per se, but of individual people who operate within the mechanism and cover the 'state' provides them with. Too often we see the state as being our adversary, and yes, in many ways it is, as it is by the hand of the state we find ourselves repressed. But having said that, it is important to also keep in focus that the state is a cloud, it is a fiction, and therefore responding to the actions of 'the state' by attacking the state virtually always leads nowhere as one cannot fight a cloud. Should however, that focus be instead turned towards the individuals within the cloud who drafted the legislation which created the problem to begin with, remedy may well be found.


From both a logical and legal perspective, it is a crime to cause pain, hardship or suffering to others is it not? Each of the individuals who have drafted legislation that has resulted in the suffering of others has done just that. Therefore each stands in abuse of the office they hold and each can therefore be held accountable for their actions, even within their own legal fiction. Though of course having said that, the questions then become, who is to lay the charges, who is to perform the arrests, in what court would the trial be held and if a guilty verdict were reached then who would enforce the decision of the judge? Realistically, all of the above questions can be rolled into one far more pertinent one which is: Even with the reality of all the above being true, how can we ever expect to find any remedy within a system so corrupt and controlled to have brought this situation about to begin with?


The very obvious answer to that question is that we can't. Not without a massive shift in awareness and a huge groundswell and outcry from the people. When people choose to stand up and make their voices heard we will see real change. That is indeed the only tool we have at our disposal but the blessing is, that it is in fact, the only tool we need.


The problem is that people just do not seem to realize the power of a united community nor their potential to be a force to bring about such unity. This is mostly due to people viewing things on too grand a scale, not believing the actions of one "little person" could possibly effect the whole. Yet the reality is that there is no such thing as little people and ideas must take root somewhere. So why not with you? Or if not you, perhaps with someone you know? Perhaps the ideas you are looking for that will work effectively to bring about change in your own community already exist within the mind of someone you are already acquainted with, and all that is required is for someone to listen to them.

Somewhere along that way, that one very valuable trait seems, for the most part, to have been discarded, or at least buried within the superficial, Instagram culture. In today's world of instant communication where image is everything and the sharing of knowledge has been reduced to sound bites, very few are prepared to actually stop and listen.


As a society, we have been force fed an entirely false reality based on ideas instilled into us by the system. It has been a system that has always worked to highlight and focus on our differences and keep us in competition with each other. Always measuring ourselves and each other by the social and economic standards the machine tells us to strive for. But if we are prepared to put aside our differences, respect each other, and most importantly, listen to each other, then we will find that the truth lies hidden within us. And that truth is that each of us is truly magnificent and capable of great things. We are spectacular. We are everything we have ever needed to be right now and each of us can, in our own way, become a force for positive change within our own personal sphere of influence.


When we finally realize that whatever change is coming, if it is to be one for the better, then it starts on the ground with us, and begins to work to each individual to bring about that change, then it will begin. And when it does begin, it will be like a wave, the brilliant birth of an idea whose time has come. It exists already in the minds of the masses, but many have yet to identify what it really is.


The idea is that of something altogether new in the human experience but its time has indeed come.


The idea is freedom.


in lak'ech my friends



max igan




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  • Well said Max! It's very hard trying to wake others up, whether on line or in reality. You are so right we could do so much if we would only stand united. I have faith in myself and my awakened brothers and sisters, but we are still divided. Activists could play a big role in that.... I attended a local meeting to save a local community centre and stood up to say that they keep telling us that there's no money to fund these things, so why not cut MPs expenses, it got a few laughs and a few rounds of applause, but people just won't take things seriously. One strong man in the community suggested that ALL comm centre managers should unite and lobby the council... a brilliant idea! but in reality most of them are too busy bitching behind each others backs! lol. How can we unite that kind of people? I see you trying to unite people with the community connector and Ken O'Keefe with the World Citizen movement... but aren't they also divided?
    3/16/2016 7:15:39 AM Reply
  • I feel it too, as Art would say the quickening , when people find out how we got here I hope they are angry enough to read about how we have been taken over [by agreement] and have given our hard earned money to England and Rome, they think they own us and they kind of do. People need to understand about our Strawman that follows us and reaps our labor. The sooner people educate themselves the better. None of these actions are legal but was done to us anyway, we can get our Bill of Rights back if we know what we are doing.,,,,,here is a good start to understanding judge Ann von Reitz ,,,
    3/13/2016 9:41:59 PM Reply

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