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Ecocapsule Live Off The Grid

Ecocapsule Live Off The Grid

These environmentally friendly, self sufficient pods that are delivered ready to use and can be towed on a small trailer, may provide an alternative to the way people choose to live or camp in the near future.

The Ecocapsule as coined by Nice architects, provides a sleeping area, a small working/dining space, a kitchenette, a toilet and a shower:


How the Ecocapsule works:

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The ecocapsule has advanced solar cells installed in the roof with an output of 600watts; during sunny spells they work to charge the 9,744Wh high capacity battery. At night or times of limited sunshine, the install wind turbine will provide upto 750watts of power! The Ecocapsule's dynamic design is not just for show, it efficiently collects and filters rain water that can quickly be used for showers, cooking and more.

The pioneers of this exciting new concept envision that the Ecocapsule will become affordable on a global scale, with plans for mass production - we could soon see the world's energy needs drastically changed, as well as the potential of increasing affordable homes for those in need.

The interrior of each Ecocapsule can be customised to suit your tastes:


How much does this cost?

The Ecocapsule is now available to order via for the current price tag of €79,900 / $87,369.45 / £57,744.43 - currently only 50 are available to order due to production constraints. Provided the team get ample orders, they plan to use profits to reinvest into the Ecocapsule in order to improve production costs, that in turn will lower the current price tag and make it more affordable world wide.

Judging by the dimensions of the Ecocapsule it seems to be a comfortable space for 1 person; 2 at a squeeze. Unfortunately for me, this is not adequate for my daily needs. I am however in love with the idea and looking forward to seeing how these guys develop this idea further in the future to accommodate a family.





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